Veera 25th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Veera 25th July 2013 Written Episode, Veera 25th July 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Ratan hugging Ranvi happily. Nihaal comes in and the news of Ranvi coming first in his class is passed onto him, who too is extremely happy who soon is followed by Chaiji. They are all very happy. Veera too comes first in class and is rewarded a little cash prize by Chaiji. Chaiji decides to go to the mandar for Bhog. Ratan asks Chaiji to also do it in the name of Nihaal.

Kartaar asks Gurpreet to sign on the divorce papers and the grief-stricken Gurpreet does so after telling him she can’t sacrifise her dignity anymore and she too now wants freedom from him.

Chai ji before leaving asks Nihaal to take care of everything. Two ladies come after Chaiji leaves looking for her and tell Ratan and Nihaal about Kartaar and Gurpreet’s divorce. Ratan is horrified at the news

and wishes to go to Kartaar to get everything sorted out with Nihaal. Nihaal refuses to go. Ratan alone goes.

When Ratan reaches Kartaar’s place, Kartaar fakes sadness and tells her how he tried so hard to stop Gurpreet. He also lied that Gurpreet never wants to see Ratan again either. Ratan is upset for Kartaar, while Kartaar is happy learning that Chaiji is away and now he has a chance with Ratan. After sometime, Balwant too becomes the vicitm of his lies as Kartaar keeps on talking to him about how he and Ratan are alone and lonely now and tries to feed the idea of making him marry to her in Balwant’s mind.

On the other hand, Ranvi takes Veera out to get some mud for the pottery but Veera spots the large size shoes outside a neighbour’s house and makes an excuse that she’s sleepy. Ranvi asks her to go home and sleep while he goes to get the mud. Veera quickly goes and takes the large size shoes and hides it.

The man to whom the shoe belongs to keeps looking for it and finds Veera sitting crossed legged on the ground. He asks her what she’s doing there and she replies that since the earth is our ‘Dharti Maa’, she is sitting in the lap of her ‘Dharti Beeji’. Actually she is hiding the shoes underneath herself. The man goes away puzzled.

Soon Nihaal spots her sitting on the ground and comes to her asking why she is sitting there. She asks him to bend down, and a confused Nihaal does so. Veera shows him the shoes and asks him to wear them. An even more confused Nihaal agrees. Once he does, Veera asks him if he now can be her father. She says now he too has large shoes so whenever he comes home, she’d have large size shoes in front of her house too. She asks her to be her father. Nihaal stares at her lovingly but with no answer.

Precap: Balwant has gathered everyone from the village and announces the decission. He and the village decides to get Ratan and Kartaar married through the Chaadar. Ratan is shocked, while Kartaar and Bansuri look on with victory.

Update Credit to: ElmoFuj

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