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Veera 25th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Veera 25th January 2013 Written Episode, Veera 25th January 2013 Written Update

MC= moti chaiji
Ranvi eyes are closed he comes near mirror he opens his eyes but does not see veera… he wants to see veera but she is not in room…ranvi says how will I meet veera…

[Ratan with veera ]
Veer says be like this it feels good..ratan says ranvi has to go to school..veera says I will also go ratan says u cant go… till your ok…she goes just then ranvi comes touch me so that I get chicken pox… veera denies… ranvi forces but veera says u got to school ratan says your scolding me veera says yup becoz urn t listening… ranvi says ok I will come veera starts shouting for ratan… ratan comes veera says see bro wants chicken pox.. ratan says go to school.. ranvi says I wont go I haven’t met my veera since two days.. at least this way I will be near her.. ratan makes him understand and he says who will take care of veera…moti chaiji says I will take care of her… he says u will get mata MC says ratan will take care of her ranvi says she has to go to khet… ratan says I wont go for 4 days I will take care of her ratan says u will take care of her just like her mom na…ratan says yup…ranvi kisses her on cheek. and goes…veera says beeji its itching.. ratan goes MC says congrats veera after so many years u are getting your mom…

[Ratan veera]
Ratan takes the neem leaves and caresses her.. with it veera says my itching ran away I am feeling good..

[Ranvi in school]
ranvi poking sketch pen in between his fingers some kids say there is a play and baldev says even bhagat singhs play is there baldev says that I will become…his friends says what will ranvi become baldev says he will become cleaner and veera will become cook..baldev says what is this marks this type of marks are on gunjans hand baldev runs away.. ranvi gets an idea now he says I am coming veera…

[Veera and MC]
Mc says my small chili your the best I will give food u have it..MC says if you won’t have my heart will break into pieces and veera says meaning lol Mc gets happy but then she says don’t ans nothing feels gud without veerji.. Mc says he will come…she shouts… then ratan gives her a album and says see this veera opens it and sees ranvis pics… veera says feed me from your hands..ratan feeds her but veera says tell eat puttar eat puttar ratan says eat she says tell puttar ratan now says eat puttar…veera says tell this evertime when u feed me…now ranvi comes home…he bends down and shoes as if he is weak ratan sees the marks and says u also got mata…he says yup now I will go to veera.. but MC catches him and ratan says stop she shows ratan the sketch pen ink it do u know how I will handle this all its not a game…

Ranvi says sorry I lied becoz I wanted to go to veera I am sorry…
Ratan smiles…now its night time Ranveera sleep alone in rooms…veera sleeping close to ratan…morning time.. ranvi missing veera in school… at house a lady tells ratan about a taviz ratan gets it and ties it to veera…and night day cycle continues…

Ratan cleaning veeras body with a wet cloth…Mc gets aloo paratha for ranvi he says why did u make this my veera cant eat how can I eat I won’t MC says but chote chand…just then veera comes and veera feeds him paratha ranvi happy veera says I am fine now I can eat everything u also eat.. ranvi hugs her awww…

Precap- dr ambedkar role is given to balbeer and bhagat singhs role is given to ranvi

Update Credit to: Rashu

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