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The Episode starts with Gunjan telling Ranvi and Chai ji that producer has finalized her for the video and worries as she gets vomit. She runs inside. Ranvi asks Chai ji about her. Chai ji thinks seeing her pregnancy symptoms. Baldev asks Veera to come for breakfast and she thinks even he did not have tea when I did not drink. Ranvi asks Gunjan whats the matter. Gunjan says drinking water is not coming good these days. Ranvi asks then why did you have Gajar halwa in morning, your stomach was upset, why don’t you take care, I will take you to doctor. She says no, why for such small thing, I m fine.

Bansuri stops Veera from having breakfast and asks her to apply balm first. Balwant says stop it now, let her have food first, you are taking so much work since morning. Bansuri says I did not know

she did not had food, I will manage. Veera says she will apply balm and then have food. Balwant tells Baldev not to believe Bansuri, as he knows her very well, she is doing drama. Baldev sees Veera’s food plate and stops eating his food. Ranvi tells Chai ji that Gunjan has stomach infection, she had eaten Gajar halwa being very adamant, I think I have to take her to doctor. Chai ji laughs and says its something different. He asks what. She smiles.

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Veera comes for breakfast and sits with Baldev. He says parathas gets tasteless when its not hot. She says she will make hot one for him. He says no need, first have food. She says she can’t eat as her hand has balm smell. She thinks Bansuri’s plan will fail now. He asks her to have it by knife and fork, he understands all her games. He leaves. Veera eats sitting alone. Ranvi asks Chai ji whats the matter. Chai ji says first get sweets for me. He says he will get the entire sweet shop and asks her. She says about food cravings, vomits and mood swings and asks did he not understand.

He says it means she is… She says yes, its true. He smiles. Veera thinks the medicines ended, I will ask Bansuri if she wants more. She goes to her room and sees her stretching arms and being fit and fine. She thinks her hand is fine. She did not fall, she did this to trouble me. She smiles and leaves. Ranvi says its great news Chai ji, I don’t know how this happened, Gunjan did not tell me anything. He asks is it that she does not want to tell me. Chai ji says no, its big thing to become mother, a new life gets in a mother She says she will give this good news to you on her own, if she knows she is pregnant when she does not want to become mother, she does not know what to do. She asks him to give her time, she will tell you, but start caring for you, a father’s responsibility starts before a child comes.

He says he is bad, he did not get Gajar halwa at night when she wanted to eat. She says but you know it now, keep her happy and don’t call yourself bad. She says you will become the best father of the world. He hugs her and they smile. Bansuri sees Baldev and screams of fake pain. He asks is she getting much pain. She says yes, I told Veera to apply balm, but she does not care for me. Baldev says I will apply and asks where is it aching. Veera comes and says she got new medicine from chemist. She gives Baldev. He applies the new one and Veera smiles seeing Bansuri scream.

Veera says chemist said you should show to doctor, it can be fracture too. Bansuri says why, its not needed, it will take time to heal. Veera insists. Baldev says Veera cares for you so she want you to meet doctor, even I want this. Veera says yes, I will take appointment and don’t think I don’t care for you. Ranvi shows the diet list for Gunjan and Chai ji smiles asking will he make Gond Laddoos. He says yes, I will give her all this. She asks him not to force anything, let her eat her choice of food and don’t make her eat Papaya. He says he will get anything for her at night if she asks.

He asks about taking her to doctor. She says no, she is not ill, she is fine. He smiles thinking Gunjan is giving him the biggest happiness of world, and he will also keep all the happiness in her feet. Veera tells Bansuri that she has done all the work. She asks for dates packet to make sweets for Baldev. Bansuri says it got over, go and get old medicine, I won’t have new medicine. Veera leaves. Bansuri thinks she won’t let Veera do anything by her choice. Ranvi brings snacks for Gunjan and asks does she not get tired for rehearsals. She thinks did he come to know and says she will leave. He says he will drop her. She says I can go myself. He says why to go alone when I m here. He takes her to drop her.

Bansuri says Balwant is reading newspaper and Baldev is not at home. She stands at the stool to hide the dates and really falls down. Balwant asks how did she fall, why did she stand on the stool. He says Veera was right, we should take you to doctor. Gunjan meets the doctor and she tells the reason for cancelling appointment, is it very late now. The doctor says its irreversible, so I want to know are you mentally ready for this. Gunjan says yes, I decided well to abort the child. The doctor says I will give you next week date. Gunjan says can’t we do now. The doctor says we need to do tests again and give blood samples in lab. She gets few days away date.

Balwant takes Bansuri out. Veera comes and asks what happened. Balwant says he fell from chair and got hurt. Veera says I think this time her hand really broke. Bansuri looks at her.

Bansuri sees Veera mixing medicines in glass and asks for whom is this and why.

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  1. Pariniti

    Vera is a smart and intelligent girl and now that she understood Bansuri’s plan she should pay her in her own coin and win over her with her smartness. Why is Baldev blind to his mother’s cunning ways? Vera should record her threats on the mobile and make everyone hear.

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