Veera 25th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Veera 25th February 2013 Written Episode, Veera 25th February 2013 Written Update

Ratan and Moti Chaiji are emotional to watch Ranvi flying the kite. Nihaal watches Ratan and is upset. Veera notices Moti Chaiji eating ice cream and thinks that Chaiji is having fun alone. She drops the ball and goes. Kartar takes over and helps Ranvi. Moti Chaiji licks the ice cream but doesn’t offer it to Veera. She later understands and hands it to Veera.

Veera asks Moti Chaaiji at how much height is God. Moti Chaiji tells that God lives in the sky and so high. She also says that he lives so high that we will not be able to see him. Veera doubts whether her Veerji will have that much thread to reach God. She is worried as the kite might not reach God and decides to fetch some thread for Veerji. A boy tells that Ranvi’s kite will not escape from him and challenges to save it. The other

boy looses.

Veera is shouting at a kite to come down so that she can take its thread to her Veerji. She jumps to catch it but not able to do. Nihaal sees this. He asks what she is upto. Veera says that God might not see the ardaas written on the kite (and also what Moti Chaiji told her). Nihaal explains that though God resides in sky he may come down to earth on festive occasions. He assures that God will fulfill any child’s wish. Veera asks Nihaal whether God will listen to their prayers and send her father back soon. Nihaal assures and hugs Veera tightly.Kite competition is going on. Gunjan tells Baldev that she wishes to help him. But he shouts at her saying that my kite will get cut if I give it to you. Intense competition is going on. Ratan watches it emotionally.

Moti Chaiji notices Veera is upset as she sees Bakthwar and Gunjan having good time. She asks what happened to her mirchi. Moti Chaaiji tells her to fly kite as she likes it. Veera wants her father to be with them for next Basant Panchami so that she can fly kite with him. Moti Chaaiji tells her that Sampooran doesn’t know to fly kite and he will be the first to lose. Veera confidently says that no one can beat her father (as her Veerji told her). Moti Chaaiji accepts that Sampooran is unbeatable but her mother is the best as she has the capability to beat her father.

Veera insists Ratan to come with her. Ratan refuses but she asks her not to behave like Chaiji who always says no to her. Veera forces and drags Ratan with her. Ratan flies the kite with Veera’s help. Veera keeps on asking her to cut other kites. Bansuri encourages Baldev and is proud of him. Baldev signals a boy to throw something so that Ranvi is not able to win. But instead the boy throws it towards Baldev’s kite. He is not able to do anything. Baldev and Bansuri leave in frustration.

Kartar is happy to see Ratan participating. Veera says she wants to go susu but Ratan didn’t hear it. Veera puts down the thread ball and approaches Nihaal to catch it. Ratan instructs to do something thinking it to be Sarpanchji. At times she gets closer to Nihaal without knowing that it’s him. Ratan keeps on calling Sarpanchji as she thinks it to be Sampooran. Kartar and all villagers watch them. Ratan says Sarpanchji to go back else he will get hurt. Veera is back to encourage. Just then she not only notices Nihaal but also has flash backs of Amrita telling that the kid is his daughter to Sampooran and she falling off the stairs.

Bakthwar announcing that someone has donated a huge amount for Agriculture College. Ratan and Ranvi are happy to hear this. Villagers ask about the person. But Bakthwar says the person didn’t want to mention the name and calls him God’s child.

Update Credit to: seelaks

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