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Veera 25th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Balwant asking Baldev to clear Ranvi’s name and apologize to Veera, to stay in his house. Baldev says he will never apologize and he don’t need his dad’s house to stay, as he became sarpanch now. Balwant asks him to go. Baldev says fine, I will leave this house and go. Bansuri gets stunned and stops him. Baldev says I will not apologize to anyone, its enough now. Bansuri says Baldev will not leave, Veera will leave this house. Baldev says no, I can’t bear this, I m fed up of trying to make a place in dad’s heart and win respect, he still feels Ranvi and Veera are better.

He asks did he get happy or hug him, when he became sarpanch, he started fighting with him. He says he is the sarpanch of the pind now, and all the village is with him. He says he will make everyone’s

life better, those who love him, he can stay in this house and forgive him. Baldev leaves. Veera asks Balwant to stop him and cries. Balwant says let him go, and reminds what he did with her and Ranvi. She says our house should not break. Balwant says Baldev did mistake, if he knew his responsibilies, he would have not done this. Bansuri scolds Veera. Balwant says our Lord knows Veera is right, she did not do wrong, and takes her inside.

Bansuri asks Manjeet what will she do now. Baldev fumes. Kohli comes to meet him and sends all the people home. Kohli calls Oberoi and says we can do anything now. Oberoi says it means he can say yes to anything we say blindly. Kohli says yes. Oberoi asks him to tell Baldev that his wife made him leave the house. Kohli says fine, and fills Baldev’s ears against Veera.

Veera cries and says this should have not happened. Balwant says did I know my son will do this, but tell me, how can I see all this silently. He says he will always be with her. Bansuri comes and argues, asking Veera to leave the house. Baldev says Balwant does not love me and loves his bahu. Kohli says yes, it might have hurt you, you are sarpanch now and no one can take your right now.

Manjeet asks Balwant to think that Baldev is sarpanch now, how could he ruin his respect. Balwant asks her not to say anything. Manjeet says he knows this was Baldev’s childhood dream, Veera and Ranvi are wrong to came in between his dream, and why is he supporting them now. Baldev says he will do anything to show Veera what he can do. Bansuri asks Veera to leave the house and scolds her a lot. Balwant gets angry and shows the door to Bansuri.

He defends Veera and counts what all she did for Baldev. He asks Manjeet not to make Bansuri against Veera and scolds both of them for not understanding Veera. He says Bansuri is the root of all problems and says I know Baldev did the crime and she made him do it. He asks Veera not to worry, as he is with her and one day everything will be fine. He tells Bansuri that if anyone do anything or say anything against Veera, then he will not leave them.

Veera sees Baldev’s pic and gets sad. Ratan comes to Gunjan and hugs her, to pacify her. Baldev comes to stay with Kohli and drinks wine. Veera wakes up and gets sad that Baldev is not staying with her. She recalls his words and how he cheated her.

Gunjan confronts Baldev for sending her husband to jail, he can’t prove himself to be good sarpanch and asks him to get Ranvi out of jail.

Update Credit to: Amena

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