Veera 24th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Veera 24th October 2013 Written Episode, Veera 24th October 2013 Written Update

panchayat scenes surjeet plots with bhaktawr
panchayat is going on ratan tells everybody that surjeet took 4 guna takka maybe about land , farm or property
then a heated argument goes on between ratan surjeet bhatawar supports surjeet
then surjeet makes an offer which is very indecent in terms to ratan but not to the others , ratan comes fwd n slaps surjeetbhaktawar againg yells n tells ratan wht the heck have you done not surjeet hepled you but also the people of pritampura
ratan tells bhaktwar he isnt helping he using all of us n surjeet goes away
some guy named shamsher also yells say why did u do this everybody else also repeats n say that noboddy in future are gonna help us balwant is helpless while ratan is shocked
some villager go to surjeet to say sorry then bhatawar n surjeet talk alone surjeet says he will defiantely take revenge against ratan bhatawar also supoports his plans

babli n veera scene

veera is writing something when babli enter the classrom all kids are n the classrom
babli sees veera writing babli has a smirk snmile on her face a very different dangerous bg tune play in the background
babli intetionally spoils veeras handwriting n veera gets agitated babli sees her handwriting gives loud smirk laugh n taunts veera abt her handwritin n says that my handwriting is better than urs veera gets irritated babli shows her notebook to veera n veera copiesbabloi small letter but nt bablis handwriting
then babli is fake impressed wid veera writing n asks veera to give her notebook so she can write in small letter
veera happily gives it to her babli has a smirk smile n says in her mind ab tu toh gayyyi veera – coutersy baldevs dialogue

exam is going on in veeras class/female teacher is takin rounds n sees some small chits on the ground n picks it up she asks babli if this is her babli innocently says no the teacher checks bablis sheet says ur right babli tumhari handwriting is not matching the chit then she goes to veera n checks her sheet n the writing is matched wid veera writing the teacher gets angry n says you cant write further on veera shocked

Update Credit to: lizzie1765

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