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Veera 24th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Simran crying seeing Bansuri pass by her room. Bansuri says every girl gets tensed before marriage, but you know all of us and your mum will stay here. Simran tells her about Veera who has hurt her. Bansuri asks what did she tell you. Simran says when she came to my room to take dupatta, she said she won’t let me marry Baldev and do anything to stop this marriage. She says she said she will use Gunjan and make you kick me and my mum out. Bansuri says no, I will see her, how dare she say this. Simran says Veera wants to make you angry. Bansuri says she can threaten anyone here. Simrna says she is related to Gunjan and will come here. Bansuri says I will stop her from coming here. Simran says I will back off from marriage. Bansuri says no, don’t say this, how will I find such

diamond for my Baldev then. Simran thanks and hugs her wiping her tears and smiling.

Its morning, Gunjan hides her face by her dupatta and comes to the money lender. She says she has to sell some jewelry to support her family. He asks where did she get this. She says its my marriage jewels. He says who gave this. She asks why is he asking this. He says you look from good family. He says all this jewels are fake. She is shocked. He says its gold polish, and scolds her. Gunjan comes to know Amrit has given fake ornaments to Simran on her marriage and making my mum happy, it means she is cheating my mum. Ratan asks Bansuri what did Veera do. Bansuri ends the call. Ratan tells Chai ji that Bansuri said Veera won’t go in Baldev’s marriage. Ranvi asks why. Ratan says she just said if Veera comes, it will create problems.

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Chai ji says how can she say this, Veera behaved well with Simran. She says she won’t go if Veera does not go. Ranvi looks at Veera and says how can they insult Veera like this, we won’t go. Ratan says you have to go as its his brother in law’s marriage. Veera thinks it must be Simran’s plan to keep me away from home. Gunjan comes home. Ranvi tells Gunjan about Bansuri asking Veera not to come. Gunjan thinks Bansuri is blind to ignore her inlaws, for those cheaters. She says we all won’t go there. Ratan says its your brother’s marriage, you have to go. Gunjan says no need to go, its no difference whether to attend it or not. She leaves. Ratan asks Ranvi to talk to Gunjan, if we don’t go. Our relation will get bad. Ranvi leaves.

Chai ji asks Veera not to feel bad, as we can’t control anyone’s words. Veera says she did not feel bad and goes out. Veera calls Baldev and asks him to meet her at the same place. Balwant asks Bansuri how can she tell Veera not to come, knowing Gunjan is in their house. Bansuri says how can Veera threaten Simran, she is so scared. Balwant says you should have asked Veera once did she say this or not. She says it means Simran is lying. Balwant says no, sometimes its misunderstanding. He says Veera can’t threaten anyone without any reason. Bansuri says Simran is scared and Veera can’t come here. Balwant says you are blind in Simran’s love. She says as you are blind in Veera’s love.

Gunjan says I have to show this jewelry to Biji and tell her how they have cheated her, and stop this marriage. Ranvi comes and talks to her. He says he got angry as Bansuri stopped Veera from coming, but he will not stop her from going in Baldev’s marriage. He says you will regret if you don’t go. She says I will regret if this marriage happens. She says she will go and meet Bansuri and leaves. Baldev is on the way. Rajveer comes to meet Veera and thinks Baldev is coming here, it means they are going to meet, did they decide to patch up. He smiles seeing her.

Rajveer sees Baldev coming to them, and starts a talk with Veera about polyhouse work. She goes to make call. Baldev looks on. Rajveer turns to him and makes him mistaken about him and Veera. Baldev says he came to meet Veera as she called him. Rajveer says she called even me, why did she call you too. She knew I m proposing her today and she has seen the ring too. He shows the ring and makes Baldev angry. Baldev punches and Rajveer holds his hand warning him that he can go to jail again, and Sirman will leave him as Veera left him. Veera comes to Baldev and asks him to listen to her as she called him to talk something imp. Baldev says go to hell, nothing to listen now. She says listen to me, you should know how is Simran you are marrying. Baldev says why, I knew you since childhood and see how you turned up. He scolds her. She stops him telling about Simran and holds his hand.

He says don’t try to stop me by holding my hand, else I will raise my hand. Mahiya………..plays………… Rajveer smiles. Baldev leaves. Rajveer says Veera I m really sorry. I think Baldev got annoyed because of me, I came on wrong time. Veera says I m fine. He says I m police officer and I understand Baldev is jealous of me, but don’t know why. Veera thinks she wanted to tell Baldev how Simran is fooling him. He says he will drop her home. She says I want to be here alone for some time. He says take care and looks on smiling. Veera cries.

Gunjan comes to meet Bansuri. Amrit asks her to tell her what is the matter. Gunjan acts rude to her and says she had doubt on her, so she took jewelry to test. She says I came to know this is fake and caught your lie. Amrit is shocked and smiles. She says your lie is caught, as you play cards, take loan and lie to family. She says you have so many bad habits and you stole the jewelry to get rid of loan, I will tell this to Bansuri. Gunjan gets tensed.

Baldev tells Simran that he is marrying her because of Simran and she won’t talk to anyone about Veera. Simran cries and says she is scared. Baldev scolds her saying she should not complain about Veera to anyone.

Update Credit to: Amena

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