Veera 24th May 2013 Written Episode Update

Veera 24th May 2013 Written Episode, Veera 24th May 2013 Written Update

Episode starts of with Ranvi crying to see Ratan decked up. He says he is happy to see Ratan decked up and tells her to stay like this. He also says if Sampooran had seen her like this then he would have forgotten all fights he had with her. Nihal watching. Everyone is happy.

Kartar comes in the way and says to Ratan to stay like this and is happy to say this.

Veera asks Chaiji of how she looks like. Chaiji irritates her. Veera is irritated. Chaiji puts black dot on her.

She asks Ranvi to take a picture of her. She irritates Nihal and Nihal shifts the topic up.

Veera takes pic of Ranvi and Sweeti and laughs hard. Ratan starts to do all the customs on the bride.

Balwant is at police office trying to find out clues and finds out Sampooran is dead

The barat comes.

Kids at the balcony watching the barat comes. Sweeti laughs at Veera talks. Ranvi shouts at her.

Here the girls trying to pacify Ranvi to do something.

Wedding process is going on. Bride and groom are doing rasams. Chaiji pacify Ratan. Ratan wanting Sampooran’s return. Nihal is watching.

Precap: Balwant comes and Ratan says nimmo bidai has happened. Ratan and Chaiji notices him sad and has a cry look. ( Ofcourse Balwant and Sampooran are cousins so bound to) He to tell Sampooran is dead

Update Credit to: JungleeBilli

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