Veera 24th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Veera 24th March 2014 Written Episode, Veera 24th March 2014 Written Update

Episode starts with veera. She says to gunjan that you take this jhumke, i will give anything for everybody. Baldev says to ranveer, i am coming. Chaiji and veera goes into kitchen and baldev follows her. Veera says, what are you doing here. Baldev says, i am coming here to help you. Chaiji slaps to baldev. Chaiji says, now you have to believe in this relation veera.
Gunjan says, biji has sent this beautiful gift for me but veera has spoil this. baldev come and says, leave it and live happily. Everybody has forget their enemity so please live happily with ranveer. Baldev says, i didnt give your wedding gift, tommorrow i am going to city, what do you want? Gunjan says, please bring poison for me and moves away from room. Veera taunts to gunjan. Baldev says, give me tea. Baldev says, first of all you

taste the tea and tell whether it is hot or not. Veera put cup on baldev’s chick.
Ranveer settle his bed and goes outside from room. Veera comes and says, i will not spoil my veerji nights. Gunjan says, i will not do as you are saying. Veera says, ok then leave this house and think where you will going.
Ranveer thinks something and veera come and ranveer says, why you didnt sleep. veera says, how could i sleep. I want you to see happy. Please be happy and promise me that you will not injured you. Ranveer gives promise that i will try.
Ranveer goes into the room and see that gunjan sleeping on sofa and he says, gunjan go and sleep on bed. I thinks she slept.
Veera says, now i will not allow anybody to hurt you. Gunjan sleep on land and ranveer says, what happens. Gunjan says, do your own work and dont interrupt on my way.
Veera wake up gunjan and gunjan says, cant i sleep properly. Veera says, yes you can do work then you can sleep. Gunjan says, you go, i want to sleep little bit more. Veera says, i am not veerji who will accept your wording.
Veera says, you get ready in 20 min and if you will not come within 20 mins then i thought that you didnt accept my bet. Veera goes from room then she sees back gunjan again slept then veera again alarm the clock. Veera says, i am so tired. Biji says, let her sleep more, she has done so much work. Baldev says, my biji says this that i will forget her after marriage.

Precap:- Veera traps baldev then baldev says, gunjan will cook parathe for all of us.

Update Credit to: tushar_sharma

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