Veera 24th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Veera 24th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Baldev asking Veera to call Ranvi. Veera sees Ranvi sitting in shock and asks him to come to see Ratan for the final time. She takes him along while he is unable to come out of the shock. Everyone mourn for Ratan. Baldev stops Veera from seeing Ratan’s funeral. She cries and sits near the funeral. She moves the white cloth and sees Ratan’s sandals, burnt clothes, broken bangles. Everyone cry seeing it. Veera asks Baldev where is Biji. Balwant tells her that Ratan is burnt there at the blast place and nothing is left for the final rites. Bansuri says Ranvi would come out of shock if he saw Ratan’s dead body. Balwant says no, he can’t bear this, its better if we keep things this way, so that they recall their mum’s happy moments.

Bansuri asks what will they do now. Balwant

says they will do last rites of the things they got here. Gunjan says yes. Veera hugs Ratan’s dress and cries. Gunjan brings Ratan’s saree and bangles. She covers the white cloth and cries. Balwant asks Ranvi to shoulder the funeral. Manjeet stops Veera and Gunjan from going. Balwant asks her not to be biased for girls and takes them along. Manjeet smiles and thinks very soon she will rule in both houses.

Everyone come back after doing the last rites. Ranvi goes to his room silently. Balwant asks Gunjan to pacify Ranvi else he will get mental inbalance. Gunjan goes to him. She asks Ranvi to cry, its imp for him to cry and get his pain out. She says she will bring some pics. Deepu comes to Ranvi and says his mum has done to heaven and shows a drawing to him. She says her dad always sees her from heaven and even Ratan will be seeing him. She says Ratan can see him always and will get hurt seeing his state, he can’t hide anything from her. Gunjan and Veera see them and cry. Ranvi cries and hugs Deepu.

Ranvi and Veera see Ratan’s handmade food and think to save it as long as they can, and consume it little every day. They cry and hug. Ranvi and Veera pacify each other and have the food. Manjeet looks on and smiles, saying she got the idea to break Ranvi and Gunjan. Manjeet comes to Bansuri and asks what is this. Bansuri says she had made food, they can’t stay hungry. Manjeet says she did waste work hard as Ranvi and Veera has eaten old food. Bansuri says why did they eat earlier prepared food. Manjeet says they were really hungry. She asks Gunjan to throw the old leftover food as it may spoil health. Gunjan throws the food and Veera gets shocked seeing this. She stops Gunjan and asks what is she doing.

Veera tells Gunjan that she got Biji’s fav dupatta. Gunjan says its her, Biji has given her and says she is bahu of this house, this is her house and asks Veera to take her permission before touching anything, as she has first right on things here.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. How stupid their mom has died n they are fighting for the dupatta . Ridiculous

  2. Sad and nice episode. Will definitely miss Ratan. She is a beautiful soul.

  3. Mic much ratani u dd well in this serial since the bgning we gonna mic ua presence & beautiful face

  4. Nice eppisode but veera shld bhve well vt gunjn coz dupatta belongs to her n really gonna miss ratan she was a sweet lady always ready to help and sacrifice for her pind n family

  5. Nice eppisode but veera shld bhve well vt gunjn coz dupatta belongs to her n really gonna miss rata

  6. Nice eppisode but veera shld bhve well vt gunjn coz dupatta belongs to her n really gonna miss ratan

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