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Veera 24th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Deepu asking Geet to play with her. Geet refuses to play. Bansuri comes and scolds her for not doing any work. Deepu insists and Manjeet sends Deepu out. Baldev comes home and sees Geet crying. Veera consoles Geet and says everything will be fine soon, don’t worry. Baldev hears them. Veera asks Geet not to go away, as this is not a solution, and promises no one will force her for anything. Geet says you did a lot for me, and I have just given pain to everyone. Veera says they don’t understand you. Geet says your and Baldev’s relation is also spoiling.

Veera says I know him since childhood, I have to be with him to stop him from taking wrong decision, I love him a lot. Geet goes out and a man tells her that Deepu has fell. She goes to see and goons kidnap her. Deepu asks

Veera about Geet. Veera says she will find her. Gunjan gets Ranvi’s gifted dress and refuses to wear it. Ranvi says he wants to show his love today and wants to remarry her again. She says I don’t believe you. He asks her to get ready and come, if she wants to save their relation.

Geet is brought to the godown and she says she knows Baldev is here. Dilawar says he will marry her and she gets shocked. She recalls Ranvi and sees the mandap. She agrees. Veera looks for Get. Gunjan gets ready as bride and Ranvi smiles seeing her. He says he wants to marry her again, and wants to make vows again. Baldev tells Geet that she has hurt Gunjan, and he has to protect Gunjan, so he is making Geet marry Dilawar. He asks pandit to start the rituals. Ranvi lights the fire in mandap, at home. He says he can’t lessen her fear and doubt, but their love will increase. They exchange garlands. Ranvi and Gunjan take marriage vows and Dilawar and Geet also take the wedding rounds. Veera is on the way. Dilawar fills Ranvi’s maang and Ranvi fills Gunjan’s maang with sindoor. The pandit says Dilawar and Geet are married, and now they are husband and wife. Dilawar hugs Baldev. Baldev says I have hurt you Geet, but I m doing to make things fine, Dilawar is good man and will keep you and Deepu happy. Geet says we should go home. Veera misses to see them.

Ranvi says we have many problems, but now we will make a new start. He hugs her and says I love you. She says I love you too. He gets a call from Veera and she says Geet is missing, and Deepu is crying a lot. Ranvi asks did she see everywhere, Gunjan and I are coming. Gunjan gets shocked and says you just remarried me and took vows, now you are going after Geet. He says she went because of us. She says Balwant and Baldev will manage. He says I m taking you, come with me.

Balwant asks everyone about Geet. Ranvi comes and consoles Deepu. He hugs her and asks about Veera. Balwant says Veera has gone to find Geet. Gunjan cries. Baldev comes home and Bansuri says Geet has run away. Balwant asks him to find her. Baldev says no need, she is with me. Geet and Dilawar come home wearing garlands and everyone get shocked.

Baldev says he has kidnapped Geet. Balwant slaps Baldev. Veera nullifies the marriage. Geet says I married by my wish. They all are shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. So sad…..

  2. Dilawar fills RANVI’S maang…………

    Wt hs hppnd to this srl

  3. Man is to eera no problem thanks for the update amena

  4. Man o Man, this serial is heading no where. I mean you are just dragging it like anything. People have lost interest…Better shut it down and start something new…It is torture to watch

  5. Thank God that this serial is ending! 😉

  6. dilawar fills ranvi’s maang? goshh rainbow :p

  7. Poor geet goi going true all dos because of the b*t*h gunjan sorry

  8. This ranvi is an useless man he cannot do anything for her sister.the only thing he do is roming around his wife and dis Baldev how disgusting he can do anything with others sisters but if anything happens to his sister he will go to beat his sis husband and how can bansuri talk about other girls waste serial

  9. puk puk puk gaya hun yaar. ab bus bhi karo Gunjan, by the way Geet you have any authenticity or not? you are good singer just carry on with this quality. Manjeet (&^&*$%#$&$%%^(*&) will be at heaven (ghoor kal yug.) anyways, i am going to stop watching this serial.

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