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Veera 24th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Baldev asking Veera to leave as Bansuri can come and see them. She starts getting up and her hair gets stuck in his shirt and she falls in his lap. Happy shappy love…………….plays………. as they have an eyelock. He frees hair from his button and asks her to go. She says fine, I m going. She stands in the window and looks at him. She leaves and Baldev goes to see her. He says forgive me for troubling you in this, but there is no fun without this, I love you too. Its morning, Chai ji asks Ranvi to sing well even today. Ratan says yes I m sure it will be good, don’t worry. Veera says sorry, today I can’t come today, as I have some formalities about sponsorship application, Gunjan will be with you.

Gunjan says he can go alone too, he does not need us now, the studio

people praised him so much. They leave. Chai ji asks Veera to take her to temple. Veera smiles and says fine. Baldev gets ready and says he is going to meet his friends. Bansuri asks him to have breakfast first. Baldev says no, I m not hungry, I will come. He leaves. She says what happened to him, he did not had food even yesterday night. Balwant says I m hungry, give me a paratha, my plate in empty, care of husband too. Chai ji says the bike is not starting. Veera says I m trying. Chai ji says temple is far, I can’t go. She says we will take auto. Chai ji says where will we get auto. She sees Baldev going and calls him to come to them.

Balddev stops his jeep and smiles seeing Veera. Chai ji says Baldev come here. She says we will tell him, he will drop us. Chai ji asks Baldev to drop them temple, as her bike is not starting. Baldev says sure, come. Chaiji asks Veera to come. Veera sits beside him and smiles. She says I m still waiting for your answer. Chai ji asks what are you saying slowly, tell loudly, I will also hear. Baldev pulls Veera’s leg. Veera changes topic. Chai ji says lets go. They leave. They come to the temple. Veera pulls him to a corner and asks his answer. She says I proposed you and you did not reply, say anything, yes or no, your silence is making me mad.

She says if anyone comes, I won’t care, tell me your answer. He says let me go. She says no, I won’t let you go. He says anyone will see. She says I don’t care. He says I won’t give any answer, as I m Punjab’s Gabru Jawaan and you are a Kudi, how can you propose me, if I say yes, I have to tell yes all my life and it will question my manhood, I won’t give any answer. She says oh, you feel this. She says fine, I proposed you and you did not reply, now I won’t try, now you will propose me, you impress me, propose me uniquely, if I like it, I will say yes, else no. He says what do you mean. ‘

She smiles and says its your turn to propose me now, it should be unique. She says don’t waste my time, your time starts now. She leaves. He says what did this happen, she was is in love and I was happy, I got trapped in showing attitude. Baldev comes to Jaggi and beats him. Jaggi asks what happened. Baldev tells him what Veera said, he became a donkey to being a man. He says what was the difference if I propose or she, I should have said yes, now she is asking me to propose. Jaggi says tell her no, you won’t propose. Baldev scolds him. He says Veera loves me and I showed her attitude as you told me, now I will think what to do.

He says I will propose her in unique manner, that she will have to say final yes. The music director says congrats Ranvi, and gives him cheque. He says this is 30% and you will get 70% after the album is released, four songs are recorded, you have done it, hats off, you are a great man, I m happy working with you. Ranvi thanks him. Ranvi gives the cheque to Gunjan and she smiles. She asks when will the album release. He says soon and invites them in the party, asking them to bring family too. Baldev thinks what to do to impress Veera. He has cold drink and lassi infront of you, and think to do in western or Indian style.

He says I will mix both and think of something which is Indian and western. Bansuri sees him mixing cold drink in lassi and says Baldev. He is shocked. She asks what are you doing, cold drink is lassi. Baldev explains why he is doing this. He drinks it and says great, will you have it. Balle balle………..plays……… She leaves. He says it tastes horrible and coughs. Ranvi comes home. Veera pulls his leg. Ratan says he has to sing more thousand songs and win everyone’s hearts. Gunjan says music director invited us in Jalsa party. Ranvi says we have to go together. Chai ji says I can’t come, I have knee pain. Ratan says I can’t leave chai ji alone, you all go and enjoy.

Baldev comes and brings pakodas for them saying Bansuri has sent it. Gunjan says did Biji said this? Balkdev says yes, she worries about you all. Chaiji says thank her. Baldev signs Veera to come out. Veera comes to him and asks what happened. He asks her to meet him at Chaupaal at 10am. She asks why. He asks just come. She stops him. Baldev says I came here by pakodas reason, its not easy to make Biji make it. She says fine fine. He says good night, meet me in sweet dreams and leaves. She smiles.

Its morning, Gunjan says we will get ready soon Veera, but don’t know what color should I wear now. A post comes and Ranvi gets the letter. He reads that the application of sponsorship of Krishya Vidyalaya is accepted. Everyone is happy and smile.

Baldev and Veera are standing in rain. She asks him where was he taking her. He says it was special. He asks her to close her eyes and does something. He says now see. She opens her eyes.

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