Veera 24th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Veera 24th July 2013 Written Episode, Veera 24th July 2013 Written Update

Episode started with Chai ji trying to lift a log but being unable to and Nihaal offering to help. This makes her remember Sampooran helping her.

Ranvi goes to school and learns from his teacher that Nihaal came in yesterday and found out about his absence from school. He wonders why Nihaal didn’t say anything.

The pottery shop owner scolds Ranvi which confuses him. (Im sorry my channel stopped working for the 30 seconds he scolded him).

Nihaal brings in the wheel and other pottery making stuff which angers Ratan. She says she wants her son to follow Sampooran’s footpaths and not divert his mind from studies. Nihaal tries explaining but she doesn’t listen till a long time. When finally Nihaal gets on to explain, he tells her about Ranvi bunking school and doing pottery work. He says

he is doing this so he doesnt go behind their backs and does what he likes under supervision.

Ratan is shocked at learning about Ranvi’s talent and everything and without a word, goes outside to find Ranvi. Ranvi is outside talking to Veera about everything who tells him not to lie or bunk school. Ratan reaches and overhears him and asks him to leave the house. Ranvi apologizes. She grabs his arm and drags him to the house, Veera following behind.

Ranvi is apologizing, and Veera is angry at Nihaal for she thinks Nihaal complained on Ranvi. Suddenly Chai ji laughs and so does Nihaal and Ratan. Everyone shows Ranvi the wheel and he is very happy. He hugs Ratan, while Veera stands behind looking at them sadly, not joining the hug. Chai ji and Nihaal notice. Ratan tells him he should thank Nihaal. He goes and hugs Nihaal, and Veera happily runs and joins the hug.

Ranvi is shown making pottery happily, Ratan thanking him for understanding her son. A cute scene of Nihaal and Ratan was shown where he is sitting on a tractor and Ratan screams ‘lizard’ and a terrified Nihaal jumps off making Ratan burst out in laughter. Nihaal teaches kids. Chai ji looks on at how Nihaal makes everyone happy.

Gurpreet and Kartaar are shown where Gurpreet tells Kartaar angrilly that he can not kick her out. She would come back to Preetampura as its her home.

Ranvi comes home from school and shows his report card to Ratan and tells her he came first. A very happy Ratan hugs him tighly while a sad, neglected Veera stands behind, her report card in her hand, watching the mother-son.

Precap: everyone looking for Chai ji. Some women coming and asking for Chai ji and telling Ratan that Gurpreet and Kartaar have split up.

Update Credit to: ElmoFuj

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