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Veera 24th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bansuri asking Veera is she blaming him, she is Baldev’s mother and she can’t do this. She says I cried when Baldev was in jail, I begged to Ranvi to free him, and when he is proved innocent, you came here, do anything, but pls spare us. She says don’t fill his ears against me, I want him to be out of the court case. She says she can swear on anyone and Baldev asks her to just be quiet, as its his mistake. He says he loved Veera so he trusted her, why to blame you for my mistake. Mahiya…………..plays…………. Veera cries as he calls her his biggest mistake. She goes after him and Bansuri smiles.

Gunjan thinks she will take the appointment with doctor and not cancel this time. Mona says congrats for getting the work, but we all feel you have put on weight.

Gunjan denies it. Mona says fine, I would have thought to control my weight, you can get pointed by others too. Gunjan holds her stomach and thinks. Bansuri comes to Veera and taunts her, saying you did all this to get Baldev’s love, you are back to same place like before, what Baldev called you, his mistake. She says you were giving me challenge, now you see what days I show you in this house, I feel you will go before the month ends.

She says remember no one is yours here. Veera says nothing such will happen. Bansuri says you can’t know what I can do. Veera says I can’t believe you are doing this. Bansuri argues and Veera reminds her that lie can’t go far, when Baldev sees her truth, he will hate you, you are ruining his life, you did what you wanted, but this time I will not let you harm him in any way. Its night, Gunjan thinks whats happening, and why is she having food cravings at night. She looks for Gajar Ka Halwa. Ranvi comes and asks what is she doing. She says I was feeling hungry.

He says at this time of night, and tells about Ratan’s cravings but she had a reason, when she was pregnant at my time, is this same with you. Gunjan says no, get the halwa for me. He says from where will I get at this time. She insists. He smiles and gets love on her. He goes to get it. Its morning, Veera cleans the floor and goes. Bansuri acts like falling and Baldev and Balwant come. Bansuri blames Veera and Balwant defends her.

Bansuri says my hand is not moving, who will do all the work. Veera says I will do the work and Balwant takes her. Ranvi comes to Gunjan and kisses her saying good morning, and gives her bed tea and toast. She says you did not get the gajar ka halwa. He tickles her and she says let Biji come, I will complain about you. He says he want any punishment. She asks him to get halwa.

He says all this signs are of pregnancy and she beats him with a pillow. He says sorry and leaves. She feels sorry too but her decision is right, she hopes he understands her. Baldev talks to his friend and says about judicial work not done as some papers got less. Veera hears this and says she tried, but failed, she is ashamed for it, and goes to help him. He says no need and asks her not to joke. He gets her closer while taking the pillow from her hand, and they have an eyelock. Mahiya………….plays……………He leaves. Bansuri says Veera did not add sugar. Veera adds sugar and takes the tea cup.

Veera gets tea for Baldev and Bansuri calls her again. Bansuri says my legs are aching, do a massage. Veera messages her legs. Bansuri calls Veera again and again and disturbs her.

Veera sees Bansuri stretching her hands and thinks she has done this drama to trouble me, why did she not understand this before.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Is this the same veera that was clever and always ahead of everyone ?! It takes her that long to figure out what bsnsuri is up to??!!

  2. Veera needs to get herself 2gether and teach lesson to her wicked mother-in-law.

  3. Agreed! Wake up and smell the thurka, veera!!

  4. Yeh kya hai….nw borring…..

  5. Kab khatam hoga yeh faltu story. They are ruining popularity of veera and baldev by showing them so dumb and stupid.

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