Veera 24th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Veera 24th February 2014 Written Episode, Veera 24th February 2014 Written Update

Chaiji says, tell me the truth what happened, why you will not go to foreign? Veera says, now i know the truth. Gunjan didi told me the truth. Firstly i was very hurted but now i realise that i am very special that i have 3 mothers. My veerji, biji and my real mother and i am very happy with it. Chaiji says, ratan and ranveer always frightened that if you will know the truth then what happens? Now they will become very happy that you had accepted the truth. Veera says, no chaiji, they will break. Chaiji says, not only ranveer loves you alot but you also. You please dont tell anyone. Please help me for giving them happiness. Now i will fulfil the dreams of biji and veerji.
Veera says to biji, i will come with you. Biji says, go and go to sleep and i am going to bring out milk. veera takes milk. chaiji says, chotey chand, what happened. Ranveer says, chaiji their is lot of headache. She is very upset and i am very angry with myself because i cant help her. Chaiji says, children is always children for parents. Veera is now grow up. She will find her way. Biji and veera came to home and says, veerji agdam bagdam ho gya, all the milk spread on my face.
Baldev says, papa ji show anger on me at morning. Baldev ask to someone, who are you guys. One man says, this is bollywood director. We are going to take permission from sarpanch ji. Baldev says, i will give you permission but money is required for it. Director gives Rs 20000/- Baldev says, now you will start your film here.
Veera says, now veerji will let accept for krishi vidhyalaya..Chaiji says, but chichdi its really difficult. Verji says, you just help me.
Dalveer says, oye ranveer, where are you going? Ranver says, i came from bank to deposit emi. Dalveer says, now you will focus your dream. Baldev says, why you cant stay at home and do ladies type work. Veera says, oye i will not do that type of work. baldev thinks himself. Veera says, i have some urgent work at registrar office. Baldev says, Ok i will drop you.

Precap:- Veera says, we will do pujan for our school. Biji says, i think ranveer will not come, he is busy in his work. Veera says, veerji will definitely join us in our work.

Update Credit to: tushar_sharma

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