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The Episode starts with Baldev winning and everyone congratulating him. Kohli says Veera is also here. Baldev says I don’t want to talk, she will create issue. Kohli says let her crate issue, people will think she is wrong. Kohli calls her and asks what they should do now to celebrate victory. Baldev thinks she can do anything and pind loves her. Kohli provokes her more to make her create an issue and asks her to congratulate her husband, as its pride for him. Veera smiles and says I know you did not do anything wrong to win the elections, congarts for winning the elections. Baldev is shocked.

She leaves from there. Kohli says I think she accepted her defeat, we will have party at night. Baldev says not today, any other day. Kohli asks why, is he afraid of his wife. Baldev says nothing like that,

I was thinking arrangements can be done with ease later, if you want to do party today, I m fine, at my house. Ratan makes food and tells Gunjan that she has to give tiffin to Ranvi, she convinced the inspector to pass the food. Chai ji tells her that Baldev won by many votes. Ratan says fine, he did not think how he is winning, how his wife and sister are affected by him. Chai ji says but why is he taking revenge from Ranvi.

Ratan says I don’t know, I just want him to take his complaint back. Gunjan says I will talk to dad. Dhingra calls Gunjan for Ranvi and she tells him everything. He says its tough, hide this from media that he is in jail else his career will end. She says I will try my best that no one knows it and you also do what you can. He says fine. Ratan says I can understand and asks Gunjan to be strong.

Gunjan comes to met Ranvi in the police station.
Ranvi asks Gunjan to go home, he feels sad seeing her in police station. Bansuri and Manjeet are glad for Baldev’s victory and see Veera. Manjeet says she packed her bag, when will she go. Manjeet taunts Veera and she goes. Bansuri laughs. Balwant comes and stop Veera. He asks is she leaving home. She asks ho can I stay here after what all happened, I don’t have reason to be here, its better if I leave for me and others here. Balwant says he is alive to decide.

Baldev meets all the pind people and is glad t win the elections. Veera cries and tells Balwant that this time its not my mistake, why did he do this, how can I stay with him in this house, he has made me fall in pind and hurt my self esteem, he made me a criminal in law’s eyes, if I stay here, I can’t meet my eyes, he proved me wrong. Balwant says I know its tough for you, but… She says this time his intention was wrong and work took, tell me how to be with him, I thought he loves me, his anger and love were true, but this time he showed me fake love and cheated me, I can’t bear his cheat. Balwant cries and asks her to be strong for his sake, as he knows if she stays in this house, even if they fight, he will be on right path, else there will be no one to show him right path. He apologizes to her for Baldev’s mistakes and says I will hold your feet. She says don’t do this, I will not go but don’t apologize like this. He hugs her and they cry.

Bansuri and Manjeet look on. They hear the band sound. Balwant goes out and stops the band. He says he is ashamed to call him his son and scolds Baldev. Baldev says you are embarrassing me. Balwant says you don’t have shame and tells how he got Veera’s name removed and made Ranvi arrested, as he is better than you in everything. Baldev says I respect you, it does not mean you will make me feel inferior, I became sarpanch, be proud of my success, you can’t behave like this always. Balwant says this house is more and I can behave any way I like. He calls her liar and creep. He asks her to remove Ranvi from the blame and then apologize to Veera, in order to stay in their house. Baldev gets angry.

Balwant says if he has to stay here, he has to agree my conditions. Bansuri asks Veera to leave her house. Balwant scolds her and shows the door to Bansuri.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. very good balwat ji keep it up like this………..

  2. Balwant keep it up

  3. Best and best Balwant Ji. Should have shown the door to that creepy lady Manjeet too. If Baldev doesn’t want to withdraw the complaint and apologise ask him to find his own house bought from his own money and hardwork, not depending on parents properties all the time! !

  4. solute mr balwant ua a real king of ua prince baldev

  5. get lost minina

  6. Well done Balwant! Proud of you, keep it up!

  7. 4 what? r u mad 2 appreciate him?

  8. feeling bad for veera again her relation in promblem

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