Veera 23rd October 2013 Written Episode Update


Veera 23rd October 2013 Written Episode, Veera 23rd October 2013 Written Update

surjeet-balwant- ratan scenes

phirse aa gayya surjeet to irritate ratan and tells her that her land is his now and shows her some papers
she goes to balwants house n ask why he gave paper to surjeet , balwant says to relax and she can pay surjeet back the money she leaves
veera ranvi-babli scenes

in the school ranvi ask veera if she said sorry to babli / veera says that some teacher had called her and she didnt get the time to say sorry to babli , ranvi gets angry n tells veera that babli is in ur class so she shoulve said sorry to babli then ,ranvi n veera see babli standing n talking to some classmate towards the school gate ranvi tells veera to go n say sorry babli rite now so veera goes n says sorry to babali , babli taunts n says ja kahin ghadde pe gir – courtesy baldevs dialogue
veera gets little angry n looks towards her brother in distressedranvi signals veera to say a proper sorry to babli so veera says to sorry that i made funof you and i will never hurt u meanwhie ranvi also comes there babli hears this but doesnt say anything
ranvi n veera leave meanwhile babli think n says arey baldev ka trick is rthe best n smile

ratan veera-ravnvi n chaiji – single panchayat scenes

ranvi n veera are studying n ranvi see veera writing in big letter he advices her to write in small letter words n she agrees
ratan tells cjaiji she is very hungry
ratan tells chaiji abt the big promblem ratan vows to get back her land n calls balwant n tells him she want to call a panchayat tommorow balwant agrees
panchat meeting starts n ratan tells everybody that somebody given her a big dhoka everybody shocked balwant is shockedn angry ask who is that person rantan replies surjeet singh everybody again shocked

surjeet makes an offer ratan comes towards n the the famous slap of the century happens rantan slaps surjeet all shocked again

Update Credit to: lizzie1765

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