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The Episode starts with Ratan seeing the bomb and just 2 mins left for it to explode. She thinks to take it somewhere. Everyone reach the godown while Ratan runs from there. They all try to find her in godown and don’t see her. Deepu tells them that Ratan is outside. She says she is running away from here. Ranvi, Veera and everyone rush to see Ratan. Ranvi calls out Ratan asking her to stop. They all call her and does not know the reason why she is running away. Ratan stops after Ranvi calls her. She thinks she can’t get weak seeing them, she has to throw the bomb in the lake first. She thinks they can come close and bomb may explode. She runs more faster and sees the time.

She thinks she can’t take it to lake, if she throws it here, the fields will burn, she may not get time to come back, but

has to take it to lake anyhow. Ratan asks Ranvi not to come ahead, and gives her oath. Ranvi asks what happened. She says I will come back and explain. Veera asks what happened. Ratan goes ahead and apologizes to them, that she can’t come back to explain anything. She sees the small temple and sees the bomb time ending. She prays to Lord to take care of pind. She looks at her children and cries. She waves bye to them and blesses everyone. She goes ahead alone and the bomb explodes.

They all get shocked seeing the bomb exploding and Ratan’s terrible death. Veera shouts Biji and runs to her. Baldev stops her. Ranvi sits in shock. Balwant consoles Veera and says there is nothing left now. Gunjan looks on shocked. Veera says how could Biji leave us and go. Bansuri, Jaggi and Billa come and get shocked seeing Ratan’s shattered body. Deepu hugs Geet. Manjeet and Dilawar come. They act innocent and ask what happened. Balwant cries and Ratan has died in the blast.

Dilawar says she failed my plan, but its good she died, I will find way to ruin the pind. He cries and says Ratan left us. Manjeet gives condolences to Veera and says how did this happen, Ratan was such a great lady, what about her children, they became orphan now. Balwant says they need us, and hugs Veera. Manjeet and Dilawar see each other and smile. Gunjan worries seeing Ranvi in shock. Veera cries and says how can Biji break her promise and go. They ask Ranvi to say anything. Veera says I need you, say something.

The police comes and asks them to leave as they have to seal the place. Everyone mourn at home for Ratan’s death. Baldev comes to Veera and says he has done all last rites arrangements. She cries. Gunjan sees Ranvi in shock. She pacifies him.

Ranvi and Veera see Ratan’s handmade food and think to save it as loing as they can, and consume it little every day. They cry and hug.

Update Credit to: Amena

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