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Veera 23rd July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Veera telling Baldev she is in love. He says no, how can you love someone, I did not see it. She says its not seen, but to be felt. She says I m really in true love. Baldev panics and says how can you be so sure that you are in love. She says I heard when someone is in love, music is heard in ears. Baldev starts hearing it as someone plays it hiding. Baldev says where is the music coming from. Veera smiles and says flowers fly in air. The petals fall on Baldev as some kids throws it. He says whats happening. She says and it suddenly rains from sky. The rain comes on him as the kids put it from the tree trunk. He says whats happening. He asks whats all this, what you are saying, is happening with me, why. She says all this is perfect, see I saw flowers, rain…… He says and I m a fool,

I understand you did this.

He asks what is she doing, and why, and who is that guy. She smiles and asks the kids to come. They hold I Love You Baldev………… He is shocked reading it. He laughs and says the kids love me so much. She says what. He says they love me so much that they made the poster, I also love them, they are so small and cute. She says no, I love you Baldev. He is shocked and looks at her. Yaara ve……………plays…………… She says I love you Baldev…………… Baldev and Veera look at each other. She says I wanted to say this since many days but every time someone came in between and I could not say, but I love you. She says I really love you, I don’t know when it happened, but when we came from Poland, I was sure of my feelings and I wanted to tell you.

She says I like…… I love you Baldev. Yaara ve…………. Plays………….. She says Baldev, say something. He is in shock. She says tell something. He says one min, one min. He goes. She says he went without saying anything. He laughs and does Balle Balle alone. Baldev talks to Jaggi and says Veera said she loves him. jaggi advices him not to agree so soon else she will always make him hear her. Baldev imagines him working in kitchen and making rotis for Veera post their marriage. She asks him to make Kerele ki sabzi and he does not like it. She says I sold our tractor, as I will use your shoulders on field. Baldev comes out of imagination and says no, no, I did not think this.

Jaggi says do as I say, don’t tell yes to Veera, show her some attitude, like her, settle the scores. Baldev says you are right, I will also make her work hard. Veera thinks what should I do now. He did not answer me. Baldev comes back and she smiles. He smiles and shows some attitude. She says answer me. He says its looking so good to me now, make me eat more kerele ki sabzi and sell my tractor. She looks on puzzled. Veera comes back and thinks my proposal went in vain, I told him my feelings and he did not answer me. Baldev dances at home.

Bansuri sees him and says what happened to him. She stops him and asks what happened to you. Baldev says nothing, just like that, I heard a good song, and its playing in my head. She asks are you drunk and scolds him. He says no, no wine, its…………. He says how will wine make me dance, I did not drink. He says I m happy, you are always after me. She says fine, have food. He says no, I m not hungry, I m going to sleep. He dances and goes to his room. Gunjan acts like she is becoming famous and giving autographs to people. Ranvi comes and sees her enacting.

He smiles and does hmmm…. She stops and smiles. He asks what were you doing. She says music director told you will get famous, so there will be many people around us, so I was practicing. She holds his hand and says I will stand with you like this. He says what about the problem that girls will be after me. She says I m stand between like a wall. She slips and he holds her. They get romantic. She says this wall will never fall as its strong by our love. She hugs him and they smile. Veera calls Baldev and smiles. Baldev controls himself and says I can’t control, why is she calling me.

She keeps calling him. Baldev wants to hear her voice and talk to her once. He says no Baldev, remember I have to show attitude. She says what happened to him, and calls again. He says how to stop my hands and ties it by a hanky. He says now I will not talk to her, I don’t care now, I won’t take my call, let the phone ring. He switches off the phone. She says what to do now, I won’t sleep till things gets cleared, but how to talk to him now. She smiles and says I know what to do. She comes to Baldev’s house and comes to his room via window, by using ladder. She sees him sleeping. She says I can’t believe he is sleeping, making me sleepless.

Veera comes to Baldev and says I will wake you up. She pits water on his face and he wakes up. He smiles seeing her. She says when I asked for answer, you did not tell me. He says it means this is not dream. She says its not a dream and tickles him. He asks what was the need to put water. She says she came from window only to get his answer. He says go from here, if Biji sees, I won’t be able to show my face to anyone. She says I won’t go without your reply. He says I m hearing someone come, you go. She turns to look.

Veera asks Baldev to answer and he shows attitude. He says if he says yes, his manhood will be questioned, so he won’t give any answer.

Update Credit to: Amena

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