Veera 23rd July 2013 Written Episode Update

Veera 23rd July 2013 Written Episode, Veera 23rd July 2013 Written Update

Ranvi makes the piggy bank and the man who had ordered for it comes and collects it. He also orders for two more and Ranvi is happy. The potter promises to give him more money as the token of appreciation and Ranvi is happy.

At home, Ratan asks Nihal about the woman he loves and promises to keep it a secret. Just as Nihal is appreciating the woman of his dreams, Ratan gets a call. Chaiji Notices the way Nihal is looking at Ratan and realizes that he loves her. She’s in dilemma.

Nihal goes to school to give Ranvi his tiffin and he gets to know that Ranvi didn’t had bunked school. He wonders where Ranvi is goes looking for him. Kartar buys a dupata for Ratan and when Gurpreet calls him, he disconnects the call.

Ranvi gifts the piggy bank to Veera and tells her about him getting two more orders for the same. At home, Chaiji puts coins in Veera’s piggy bank and Veera asks Nihal also to put it. Nihal recollects the piggy bank seeing it at the potter’s shop and realizes Ranvi has made it. Nihal also puts the money in the piggy bank on his and Ratan’s behalf.

Nihal asks Veera what she was taught in school and Veera replies happily. He asks the same to Ranvi too but Ranvi is unable to reply.

Nihal brings the pottery wheel at the Ratan’s house and Ratan rebukes him for doing so saying he should have asked her before getting it as again Ranvi will get distracted from his studies. He scolds her for jeopardizing Sampooran’s dream for Ranvi. .

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