Veera 23rd January 2013 Written Episode Update


Veera 23rd January 2013 Written Episode, Veera 23rd January 2013 Written Update

Veera asks Chaiji for halwa. Ranvijay tells Chaiji not to feed halwa to Veera as Ratan has punished her. He imitates Veera’s punishment when she complains that her arms are aching. Nihal sees Ratan carrying a heavy grocery bag and offers to help, but the villagers inform him that Ratan never accepts help from others. Veera contracts chicken pox. RV is writing in his diary all sad that he will have to stay away from Veera which he dusnt want ..he is in tears

-Veera with Ratan and Ratan is setting up her room and bed with Neem leaves so that her pox is over quick but Veera dusnt like the idea of Neem leaves as the wud prick her and Ratan says they will help her and Veera feels itchy and tries to scratch her pox when Ratan asks her not to and offers to put sandalwood paste as a coolant so that her pox wont itch and Veera wanst to c RV but Ratan says do u want himt o catch pox as well and Veera is all quiet and hurt

-Ratan asks Veera to sit so that she can put that sandalwood paste but Veera is jumiping about and not letting her near and Ratan is like u want me to cum after u and Veera is like NO and says if u touch or come close u too will catch pox and Ratan is taken aback

Ratan still after Veera to get that paste applied when Chaiji calls her as there is call for her and so she is leaving when veera stops her and says dont worry i’ll be okay cause i have three mothers one is the one keeping me away from Veerji ,the other is my Veerji and the real one is you and she smiles and laughs and RV c’s her and is happy looking at them both

Precap- Chaiji and RV fighting over who will sleep with Veera and Ratan trying to sort it out when Veera comes and puts her vote in favor of Bee ji …Veera is all clothed up so that no one can see her pox

Update Credit to: RD

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