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Veera 23rd February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bansuri making the oil fall on the papers an scolding Veera for being careless. Veera says you have done this to put blame on me, and you did not think once about your son. Bansuri cries and says you are blaming me, why will I do this with my son, I will call Balwant and tell him this. Veera says you will not call him, as you know he won’t believe you, I will not let your plan work. She leaves. Bansuri says you don’t know what will happen now.

Ranvi reminds Gunjan to take rest as she was having stomach pain. Gunjan says its that not serious, I m fine now. He asks her to be good, as nothing is imp to him than her. He hugs her and says he will take care of her diet, she will be fine and get energy for rehearsals. She cries. Veera meets the lawyer and the man says the papers

were not imp, we had to submit this in court to clear his name totally, but you have ruined the papers. She says but is there any way, can we make any duplicate papers. He says its not a joke and checks all papers. He says the rest papers are fine, it has Baldev’s sign and tells her a procedure to arrange some more docs. She thanks him and rushes to stand in queue, as she has to submit the judicial papers in court.

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She gets the seal and the man asks her to bring revenue stamp. She pays the money and asks where to submit it. The man guides her and she goes giving him extra money. She sees the judge gone and the door getting locked. She says its about my husband’s life. The man says we got today’s date to deposit it, now we have to take new date to deposit it, you should have been careful.

Baldev meets his friend and talks about business. The man asks him to come to Delhi, but maybe he can’t leave the pind. Baldev says the judge will get the papers and sign on it, I will call lawyer and ask. He calls the lawyer and asks can I go out of pind. The lawyer says why are you asking me, did Veera not tell you, and tells everything. Baldev gets sad. The lawyer says you will get one month late date and then you can go out of pind, make everything proper next time. He recalls Veera’s words and gets angry.

Veera calls him and says sorry. He says I know what you did and ends the call. She thinks Baldev trusted me after a long time, and I wasted this chance. Gunjan rehearses well and Dhingra comes and announces that Gunjan has been finalized as the lead. She gets glad. Dhingra says you worked hard, don’t look back now, move ahead, congrats. Gunjan thinks to take doctor’s appointment for abortion today.

Balwant tells Bansuri that Veera can’t be so careless towards Baldev. Bansuri complains about her and says Baldev got very upset because of her. She says when he married her, he is falling in many problems. Veera comes to her room and tries opening the lights. Baldev asks her to let the darkness be. She asks why are you sitting in darkness, I know whatever happened, you got annoyed by it, but…. He asks what does she want from him, tell him honestly, whats her motive.

She asks what motive, what are you saying, how can you think so, I did not do any mistake today, I made duplicate papers too but judge went early. He says you know how imp are those papers for me, I wanted to go court and you made me sure that I can trust you, and the papers got spoiled. She says I did not do it intentionally. He says it was done intentionally. She is shocked. He says you did this to keep you in your control so that I stay stuck in court case and does not leave you, being burdened by your favor, you did this so that I can’t get independent.

She asks who told him this, why will she do this with him. Bansuri hears this and smiles thinking Baldev regards Veera so wrong. She leaves thinking how Veera was being over confident. Bansuri says she does not know what she will face now. Veera tells Baldev about someone putting oil on papers, will he believe her. Bansuri comes and asks why will anyone spoil the papers intentionally, do you want to blame me.

Bansuri and Veera have an argument over right and wrong.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. plz yar change d story or end this show

  2. really getting bored……..veera give divorce to that baldev…..let him realise life without you…..jyada maska mat mar yaar baldev ko…..and baldev u will soon realise who is right and who is wrong…

  3. gunjan your acting like your mom, dont kill the child ranveer will be so upset that he will divorce you. your being very selfish and bansuri needs to think about baldev feeling instead of her own, veera you need to speak up and leave for a week or more so baldev can realise how much he misses you

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