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Veera 23rd April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Veera getting Ratan’s call. Ratan says police has arrested Ranvi on Baldev’s complain. Veera says what, I m, coming. She says Baldev did not do right to send Ranvi to jail. She leaves. Bansuri and Manjeet smile and find this work good, as Veera will never forgive Baldev now. Ratan tells inspector that Veera will get Baldev here. Gunjan says yes, I called him. The inspector says he can’t wait more and takes Ranvi handcuffed. The people see this and gossip about Ranvi and Baldev’s fight. Ratan feels bad. The lady says Veera and Baldev’s marriage will end now.

Ratan asks inspector not to take Ranvi, everyone knows how good he is. Veera comes and sees her family folding hands. She stops inspector and says she is Baldev’s wife. She asks can she see FIR. He says yes,

and shows her. Veera checks the FIR and says Baldev and Ranvi had a fight, he was angry so maybe he filed FIR. The inspector says so what, we have report written against Ranvi. Ranvi is taken by the police. Gunjan cries. Chai ji asks Veera to get Ranvi back.

Baldev shows he is very hurt and comes with bandages. A man says Veera named Baldev in the party and Ranvi has beaten him. The people pity on Baldev. Kohli says everyone is voting for him, but he has got hurt. Baldev says he has done more bandages then his wounds. Kohli laughs and says you learnt politics. Ranvi is in police station and is put in lockup. Veera and Ratan come there.

Veera says everything will be fine, and reminds such thing happened last time also. Ratan says don’t worry, we will get you free. Ratan talks to the inspector. He says let me do my work, I can’t help. Balwant comes home and asks for water. Bansuri says she will give him lassi. He speaks against Baldev and she defends her son.

She speaks out about Ranvi and he is stunned. She says nothing. He says tell me truly. She tells him everything about Ranvi getting arrested. He asks who complaint. She says Baldev did FIR. He gets angry and throws the lassi. He says she should be ashamed to be happy on her son in law’s arrest, people respect son in law so that their daughter gets love, but she does not. Bansuri argues. Veera tells Ranvi that he will he out soon. Balwant comes to his rescue. He tells Ranvi that he will free him soon and talks to inspector to close the case and free Ranvi. The inspector says I can’t help this way.

Balwant asks him to suggest something. The inspector says get Baldev here and make him take FIR back. Ratan cries and Veera pacifies her. Ratan comes home and tells Gunjan and Chai ji that Ranvi can come out when Baldev takes the complaint back. She says he will not take it back. Baldev hears the election results and he wins the elections. He smiles and thanks everyone for choosing him. He promises he will never break their trust and take the pind on the way to become city. Baldev asks Jaggi to come and celebrate his victory. Jaggi says no, you cheated Veera to make her lose, what to celebrate, you did not play fair. He leaves. Baldev gets angry. He sees Veera there and thinks she can create an issue here.

Balwant scolds Baldev and asks him to clear Ranvi’s name and then apologize to Veera.

Update Credit to: Amena

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