Veera 22nd October 2013 Written Episode Update


Veera 22nd October 2013 Written Episode, Veera 22nd October 2013 Written Update

Chaiji and Ratan come back from Delhi and the whole village and reporters are gathered in their house. While the reporters praise Ranveera’s bravery act, Ratan is shocked to realize about the incident with the thieves and asks Ranvi why she didn’t tell her.

Baldev comes forward to introduce himself as the son of the Preetampura’s sarpanch but the reporters asks so what great has he done. Baldev steps back. Reporters asks Ranveera if they were scared but Veera says since Ranvi was there she had nothing to be worried about. When asked who would she like to give the credit for their act, Veera smartly replies it was because of Baldev as he was the one because of whom they came back home, thereby spilling beans on him. Baldev vows to avenge the insult.

Chaiji is about to eat ladoo when

Ratan catches her and Chaiji cribs about the bland food and curses the doctor much to Ratan’s amusement.

At the school assembly, principal praises Ranveera much to the dislike of Baldev. Principal also announces that exams are near so they should start preparing to ensure they make the school proud on the academic grounds.

Ratan calls Balwant’s house to talk about the loan she bad taken for chaiji’s treatment but he isn’t at home and Bansuri ends up hurting Ratan by taunting her about how she wouldn’t remember that today’s Karvachauth. Ratan is hurt and in the meanwhile Chaiji finds out that Ratan have mortgaged her farms to arrange funds for her treatment.

In the school compound, Gunjan praises Veera and then asks Veera to catch her when she starts running. Just as Veera was running, she bumped into another girl, Babli, causing her to spill the contents of her Tiffin on her uniform. Babli tries to confront her but Veera turns defensive and ends up mocking her at which everyone laughs at Babli. When Babli leaves, Ranvi asks Veera to go and apologize to her. But Baldev who had witnessed the drama becomes friends with Babli just to plot against Veera and instigates Babli against her.

Veera looks around for Babli and practices how she would apologise to her. She sees Baldev with Babli and wonders how should she apologize. On the otherhand Baldev tells a plan to Babli to trap Veera and get her slapped by the teachers. Before Veera could come to Babli some teacher comes and takes her along.

Ratan goes to her farms and finds someone blocking her way.

Ratan finds out that her farms are sold.

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