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Veera 22nd November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with bansuri conversation. She says, baldev has accepted this proposal very late but thank God, he has accepted it. Veera says, yes taiji, you are saying right. Simran show me your dupatta. Simran hide the bill of dupatta. Veera plans a trick and tear her dupatta then she says, simran it is your left hand work. Bansuri says, she will sew in front of everybody. Simran mother interrupts and says, it is not right. Here haldi program is going to be started and dulhan is sewing. bansuri then says, no problem putar, go inside and sew the dupatta. Veera says, i also come with you. Baldev confronts veera. Simran says to herself, if veera will know my plan then she will tell everybody. Simran mother says, i am going to take medicine then bansuri ji says to gunjan, go and put these jewellery inside

the wardrobe. Gunjan then thinks about sahukar and steals the jewellery.
Bansuri ji comes and says, oye baldev putar, why are you so eager. Go and see lightening work will done or not. Bansari ji taunts to veera that you only want every thing prepared.
Simran mother sew veera’s dupatta. Simran says, why you have said to everyone that i know sewing. dont you know that how much time spent for choosing dupatta. As gunjan reaches in room, simran takes dupatta. Simran mother says, simran has done sewing on your dupatta. I am going in verandah. You chat with each other. Simran says, i will take care of baldev. Veera says, you will care of baldev, whom dont know how to do sewing. Simran says, i have done it only for others wellness.
veera says, what will be your new excuse for your boyfriend. NOw i will tell everybody about your boyfriend. Simran stops veera.
Veera says, what you thought that you will play with their feelings. You should shame on you. Simran says, please stop and tell everybody truth. I also want to see that what everyone will think. Do you think that they will throw me out. If you know everyone then why will you not forgery with me. Veera says, baldev will accept my feelings. Simran says, baldev will not accept it. Whole pind is not accept your wordings.

Simran says, you have only three days left, you do anything you want and after 3 days, you will just throw flowers on me. Veera says, we will leave everything on time, whether you will run or else marry. Gunjan feels guilty about stealing jewellery. Gunjan says, may i say something to ranveer then she again thinks that he will hate me if he will know it. Biji and chaiji does conversation about stealing. Gunjan thinks that i will sell jewellery, no one will doubted me, gunjan says sorry to God. Veera feels guilty that she has told everything to simran then she thinks that she should tell everything to baldev, i know she will angry with me but accept my wordings. I will go at home.

Precap:- Ratan parjai says, that veera should not allowed in marriage. Veera says, it was just simran plan. Veera calls baldev.

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