Veera 22nd March 2014 Written Episode Update

Veera 22nd March 2014 Written Episode, Veera 22nd March 2014 Written Update

Episode starts with Chaiji saying to gunjan, go and boil water for ranveer. Gunjan says to herself that i had never done work at home while we used gas, but now i have to use chula, veera i will see you. Gunjan tries to burn the chula but he wouldnot able to burn it. Ranveer comes and burn it.
Gunjan says to herself, my dream burnt with this chula. Everybody left me. Biji says to chaiji, i am feeling well and gunjan couldnt do this work. Veera says, leave it, gunjan bhabi loves to do work of veerji. You stay here i will check her. Biji says, i am very happy to heard that bansari bhabi accept our relation now.
Ranveer does iron and thinks about gunjan and his kurta burnt away then veera tells him that his kurta burnt and says, why are you doing this. I will not like this.
Ranveer says,

gunjan is broken now then i have to support her. Veera says, i am not your type veerji. I will not allow to gunjan to do her by own.
Veera comes near to gunjan and make fun of her. Chaiji comes and ask from gunjan, what happens?
Veera says to chaiji, gunjan bhabi want to do veerji’s work. She want to do ironing of veerji’s kurta. She really loves you. Ok gunjan bhabi, you go to do iron of veerji, if water will boil up then i will tell you.
Bansari ji says, i am very happy, when ranveer came here. Balwant tayaji says, what in your mind? Bansari ji says, nothing. Bansari ji says, baldev will become sarpanch by ranveer support. Balwant tayaji says, ranveer is the right candidate of it. Bansari ji says, it doesnt matter who will win, i will profitable in every case. Baldev comes and show the gift. Bansari ji says, its for gunjan and i forgot to give her. Baldev goes to ranveer house to give it and says to himself,”oye veerakdi tera sher aa rha hn”.
Veera calls to gunjan that water is boiled up. Ranveer came and bring water bucket. Veera says, my veerji’s heart is really big but i will not leave anyone who break my veerji’s heart.
Gunjan shows anger and says, now i will not allow you to take profit of mine. Now you see what will i do. Chaiji and biji open the gift and says, its really good. Biji says, they forget to give gift for gunjan. Veera taunt on gunjan. Biji says, take my suit and chaiji says, take my shawl. Gunjan says, no i will take gift when someone younger will give me gift.
Gunjan says, no no veera, i am just joking. I dont want gift. Veera says, i will gift any gift for my veerji. Baldev come and says, hi to everybody. Gunjan says, veerji why you came here. Baldev says, biji has forget to give gift to you.

Precap:- Veera says, now i will not allow to do by your own. You have to share everything in this room.

Update Credit to: tushar_sharma

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