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The Episode starts with Dilawar asking Ratan will she save herself or the pind. She says she will save the pind and he stops her. He asks her to take rest as she got old. He pushes her on the floor and Ratan faints. Manjeet asks did she die. Dilawar says what will she do if she wakes up, I will drag her to the room, get ready to celebrate now. Everyone wonder where did Ratan go and start worrying for her. The panchayat says they want to thank Ratan for her support and asks Baldev. Baldev says sure, why not, she resigned from the sarpanch post and still continued to work for the pind, we should respect her and give her honor. Veera thinks where is she. Baldev says he will get Ratan.

Ratan gains consciousness. Baldev says Ratan will come on her own. Ranvi says she is nowhere. Baldev says where did she

go, when entire pind is here. Deepu says even Manjeet is not here. Bansuri says yes, even I have not seen her. Manjeet comes back and says she is here, Bansuri did not see well. Manjeet says she was tired and sat at a corner. Ranvi asks did she see Ratan. Manjeet says no. Ranvi says don’t know where she went. Baldev says maybe she went home. Ranvi and Gunjan leave to go home. Veera worries for Ratan.

Ranvi and Gunjan are on the way. He says he is feeling strange and feels something wrong is going to happen. Ratan hears his car’s horn and calls out Ranvi. Gunjan says nothing will happen to Biji. Ratan cries and asks for help. Ratan gets an axe and breaks the door. She thinks to reach Ranvi by any way. She sees his car and calls out. She says Dilawar took her phone, she has to save pind and not waste time.

The panchayat gives honor to Ratan and asks where is she. Veera says she is not here, Ranvi has gone home to see. They wait for Ratan. Jaggi says Ratan is not even in Gurudwara. Veera says she feels Ratan is in any problem. Manjeet thinks Ratan will die and never come back. Veera recalls Dilawar’s plan to arrange wine and asks Baldev. She says he is also not seen. Jaggi says Dilawar is sleeping there. Veera says is he still there. Veera goes to see there.

Ranvi and Gunjan does not find Ratan at home and he panics. She says she is very courageous, nothing can happen to her, did she go to hospital to meet Preeto. They rush there. Veera does not find Dilawar and thinks its not coincidence, did we believe him so soon, if he takes revenge from her, I should tell Ranvi. She turns and sees Dilawar waking up in drunken state. Baldev comes and says he is still drunk, lets go. They leave and Dilawar waits for the blast. He checks time and says just 10mins more.

Baldev asks Veera not to worry, he will take Jaggi and Billa and go to find Ratan. Ratan is seen running towards the godown and a little boy sees her. The boy comes infront of Ranvi and tells Ranvi that he has seen Ratan going to godown, she was in wounded state. Ranvi and Gunjan rush there. Gunjan calls Veera and informs her the same. Ranvi worries as he came to know Ratan is wounded. Ratan reaches the godown and looks for the bomb. Ratan does not get the bomb. Veera tells Baldev that Ratan is seen running towards godown, she is wounded. Balwant says why did she go there and not inform us. Baldev says its something fishy. Geet, Veera and Baldev leave. Manjeet gets worried.

Ranvi’s car stops as the tyre goes in pit. Ranvi and Gunjan rush to Ratan. Geet pacifies Veera. Manjeet tells Dilawar that Ratan is going to godown and everyone went after her. He says its good, everyone will die there. Ratan finds the bomb box and gets shocked seeing it. Everyone is trying to reach her in heavy rain. Balwant asks Ranvi and Gunjan to sit in his jeep. Veera cries and Ranvi consoles her, saying nothing will happen to Ratan.

Ratan runs in the rain and everyone follow her. Ratan asks Ranvi to stop and gives her oath. She says she will come back and explain. She asks everyone not to come ahead and waves them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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