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The Episode starts with Ranvi getting sad about Gunjan’s words. Veera comes to him and pacifies him. He says he feels he has lost. She says you can’t lose, go back to Gunjan and talk to her, cares for her. He says she doubts on me, what should I do, I did my best to convince her, she finds a reason daily to feel sad. He says he can’t clear Gunjan’s doubts and fears now. Veera say your heart is very clean, you can’t lose, Gunjan loves you a lot so she is afraid to lose you, you have to show her that you will not leave her, else her doubt will get firm. She says I know you love her a lot, atleast save your marriage, I know you have bear a lot for her love.

He says he recalled Ratan today by talking to her, he felt Ratan is explaining him. He says she has grown up now and he is proud of her.

He hugs her and smiles. Dilawar and Manjeet have a talk, of how they have sent Rahul away. Dilawar says I became your fan, don’t worry, I will manage from here. Manjeet comes home and sees Baldev kicking out Geet and Deepu. She thinks her plan will fail and starts crying asking him to stop. Baldev says he is sending back to the village and manage their stay and expenses.

Veera comes and says you can’t send them like this. Baldev says all problems came by her. Balwant says she won’t go. Geet says let us go, everything will be fine here if we do. Deepu says she will stay here and meet Ranvi. Geet says we are going, its final. Bansuri smiles. Veera stops Baldev and asks him to understand, he can’t send them home. Balwant and Bansuri argue.

Baldev says he won’t listen to anyone now. Manjeet says fine, kick me out of this house as well. She does some emotional blackmail and make them think of Geet’s cheap actions and the taunts they will hear. She cries. Balwant asks her to stay back.

Balwant tells Baldev that he is the owner of the house and this is his decision. Baldev leaves angrily. Baldev comes his room and recalls Gunjan’s words. Veera comes to him and asks why is he feeling bad, she is his wife, he can understand him and then they can decide. He gets angry and argues about Gunjan. He says how will he help Gunjan, if they all stop him. He says tell Ranvi to keep Gunjan happy, if their relation breaks, our relation will also break, this is just a warning, its true, tell me, if you want to support Geet, will you break two relations, ask yourself, if you have to choose between our relation and Geet, what would you choose. She gets shocked and cries. He leaves.

Dilawar comes to talk to Gunjan. She asks does he feel she is wrong. He says no, I know you did right and fills her ears against Geet. He says you are Baldev’s sister, he is sarpanch, you can do anything. She says yes, I can get her married. He asks her to find someone good, you can ask anyone to marry Geet, you have so much money to spend. She says yes. He says you have many fields. She says yes, I have more money than them. He says then find someone good, send Geet from the pind. He asks does she have anyone in her sight. She says yes, its you… He asks what.

She says you are a big money lender and you had loss because of Ratan and Veera, you don’t have anything now, I will name all the fields given to me by Ratan to you, if you marry Geet, tell me do you agree. He looks on.

Dilawar tells Baldev that he wants to marry Geet, he knows everything. Baldev asks him to marry today itself, he will get Geet there.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Ohhhhh wtf……..gunjan is bad gunjan is evil gunjan is this gunjan is that
    veera is great veera is inspirin this that
    pls once just once show veera wrong nd gunjan right just once

  2. Oh god wt happen to this gunjan

  3. Super disgusting 🙁

  4. Veera and ranvi don’t deserve this two idiot siblings. For once I hope veera realizes she is better of baldev and moves on her life.

  5. Now this Veera serial has become a characterless serial…

  6. Veera and ranvi should move on leaving baldev and gunjan…..

  7. Why is baldev in hurry to marry geet she will marry on her own wen the time is rite

  8. I agree with Archar Veera n Ranvi should leave Baldev n Gunjan both r so unreasonable! Only think of themselves n not the happiness of others? So no logic!! Gunjan is so insecure! Even Ranvi keeps showing his love for her yet she is still insecure? What happen if Geet got married another woman comes n Gunjan still doubt Ranvi? Gunjan again force that woman to marry?
    No logic!!!

  9. Gunjan is full of insecurities.

  10. This serial started off well but now it going no where.. Veera never took any advantage of the great education she had.. other than fooling her self with the fools around. Ranvi too always cared for others; especially gunjan and took all blame of her foolish deeds but still face her tantrums. for sure one day all will realize their mistakes and they will be forgiven less than a minute and serial will have a happy ending. but what the use ( positive characters will face utter humiliation, embarrassment and sorrow from starting to end while the evil have their laugh from begin to end and they will be forgiven eventually

  11. I don’t understand how they can marry Geet without asking her what she wants.

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