Veera 22nd January 2013 Written Episode Update


Veera 22nd January 2013 Written Episode, Veera 22nd January 2013 Written Update

[Ranvis school] Ratan asks ranvi u both didn’t go to gunjans house na….she asks where is veera he says she is in class ratan says dont go near baldev and gunjan as she has chicken pox… ranvi says ok he goes to her classro0om but teacher says she is not here….and she says dont spoil her she is gud in studies… dont make her like you….ranvi thinks where is veera

[gunjans house] veera in gunjans house she goes to her room and asks di open the room mata went kya … and she then sees the door locked from outside…and she opens it on the other hand ranvi is asking on streets about her…now veers enters gunjans room…she touches her hand and says mata came and went… gunjan says why are you here… veera says why did u call mata I was gonna give you your lipstick…. And she says lipstick she then gives the lipstick back and says sorry and gunjan says next time ask and take stealing is not gud veera says I know beeji told and veera asks about mata and gunjan says this is mata …and she says this is mata gunjan says what you thought then and she goes…

[ratans house] chaiji and ratan drinking tea chaiji offers her biscuit but she declines just the n there is a knock on door and its nihal…both stunned to see him.. chaiji says cum in…she says will u drink tea nihal says I am here for some imp work… nihal says me and sampooran were not close friends but he had helped me once when I was in need by giving 5 lakhs credit.. nihal says I want to return that he says I didn’t get to tell this on that day ratan says sarpach ji does not lie to me nothing was hidden between us…he didn’t tell me about money and you.. nihal says he didn’t want o tell u he thought u would get angry…nihal says 5 lakhs is big amt why would someone return it like that and he says keep it ratan says I dunno about this matter it will be better if u give him back the money…nihal says urn t understanding… its a burden for me ratan says I don’t want to take this burden from unknown person as help go away and nihal leaves…chaiji says ratan how can someone be so honest and he is not a rich person may be he was telling truth ratan says god knows but I don’t wanna take this money I still dunno why he is here and is he sarpanchs jis friend there is something wrong….nihal alone on road he says what should I do…do release my burden…once again should I try…just then veera comes she signals him and touches him…she says your sweating shall I get lassi nihal says not in mood will drink some other day.. he kisses her on her head and goes…now we see chaiji in kitchen she is making halwa and ratan asks what does she put in halwa and chaijis says ingredients in a funny manner she finally says and imp this chaiji chatpata masala ….just then veera comes ratan says u ran away from school u just started going to school you didn’t go to gunjans house na she has chicken pox chaiji says reply and veera lies that she didn’t go and ratan says how cum your early…and chaijis says its her first day may be that’s why…ratan says I will go to market to get groceries veera says I am hungry I want food and chaiji says as your order and veera says what is order and chaijis explains that it means we need to follow that thing we cant deny

Veera says I am young not old chaiji says who told your small you are a girl who can teach anyone lesson your my dadiamma just then ranvi comes shouting and says what did u go to gunjans house…chaijis says u went to gunjans house…ratan also comes she says I had told u not to go ratan asks ranvi that your his mom an tell me would u go to a place if I told u not to go there…ranvi says she did mistake forgive her veera says I went to meet mata and say sorry and I also asked her when will dad come ranvi says forgive her.. ratan says she will be punished…ranvi says punish me instead of her …ratan says if that is the case then why did you do her admission in school and even eat the food instead of her…her stomach will fill … ratan tells veera to go and a corner…and she says no one will give her food and water until I tell and she says go

Veera goes to the corner (bg sad music)veera says why do we have a punishment where we need to put our hands up why not legs .. chaiji smiles…a t the innocence.. just the veera is about to put her hands down but ranvi says don’t put your hand down its beejis order na she says its itching and ranvi says wait I will get something…and he gets a wet cloth and stats fanning her…chaiji says what kind of relation u have made god these both r together and even happy when punished…

Precap-veera says I am feeling hot… and chaiji says I will see and she turns her around and we see veer has got chicken pox… and she says chote chand she has got mata

Update Credit to: Rashu

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