Veera 22nd February 2014 Written Episode Update


Veera 22nd February 2014 Written Episode, Veera 22nd February 2014 Written Update

shetty inspect the things for auction and says, now its too late, we will pack other things tomorrow. Ratan goes in front of sampuran singh’s portrait and cries. Ranveer says, i am sorry biji, its all due to me. Biji says, it is not your fault, you have only seen dream and tried to fulfil it. Ok now lets go and settle some things in another house.
Veera came back to home and says, surpriseeee…..
Ranveer surprisingly says, oye veera, have you missed your plane. Veera says,i got mail from university that i cant get admission in that university. No problem, i will take admission next year. Veera thinks about baldev wordings and ask, veerji why our all things got packed. Veera see price tag on things. Veera goes into her room and ranveer came and ask, is everything allright..Veera says, yes veerji. everything is alright. I am happy that i am here. We will see next year.
veera gives pounds to ranveer and says, use it. ranveer says, you have my swear and there is no problem. Veera cross her finger and it is seen by chaiji. Veera says, everything is alright veerji.
Baldev came and bansari says, come on baldev and take dinner. Baldev says, i am not hungry. there is something in heart.
Gunjan come and served food for baldev but baldev goes from there.
Veera comes downstairs and see all her goods that ranveer and veera used during their childhood. Veera read his slam book. veera says to herself that veerji didnt complete their dream for my dream.
Veera goes into their farmyard and stand krishi vidhyalaya board. Veera says, you have given me shelter in your home and given me a great veerji. Please i am sorry papaji. you had given me alot and now its my time and now i will fulfil your dream. Chaiji reaches there.
Chaiji ask to veera, what are doing here at late night. veera says, mai aveyi aa gyi… Chaiji says, whats in your mind, tell me. You have my swear. I know their is something in your mind and dont cross your finger.

Precap:- Veera ask to chaiji, now i will start krishi vidhyalaya with veerji. chaiji says, its not so easy.

Update Credit to: tushar_sharma

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