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Veera 22nd April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Manjeet and Bansuri taking care of Baldev and saying Veera has sent Ranvi to beat Baldev and then came to stop him to do drama and show concern. Veera asks Ranvi not to worry for her, as she got habitual to all this. She says she has bear more than this before. Ranvi is angry on Baldev. She asks him to have haldi milk. Ranvi says he has lost to make things better for Veera. She says you are my brother, you thought what I thought that Baldev changed. She says you did what a brother should have done.

Chai ji blesses them. Ranvi hugs Veera. Gunjan recalls Baldev’s words and cries. She says she will just come. She calls Baldev and Bansuri takes the call. She asks her about Baldev. Bansuri says your husband has beaten him a lot, he was drunk and does not defend. Gunjan asks can

I talk. Bansuri says you spoke here, now that is there to talk. Gunjan insists. Bansuri says he had medicines and is sleeping now, you forgot along with Ranvi, he does not respect Baldev, he treated him like an animal. Gunjan ends the call. Chai ji looks on.

Gunjan says I was just…. Chai ji says no need to explain, he is your brother and its your duty to know about his state, how is he. Gunjan says he is sleeping now. She says I m stuck between their enmity like Veera. Chai ji asks her not to worry, as time will make everything fine. Ratan asks Veera to go home. Veera asks Ranvi to take care and leaves. Ratan asks her not to take any decision in hurry that will make her regret tomorrow. Veera nods and leaves.

Bansuri and Manjeet have a talk, that Baldev and Veera’s relation is over now, he will not forgive her now. Veera comes home and Bansuri says we thought she will not come, but she still came. Veera starts packing the bag. Baldev asks what is she doing and holds her hand. She argues with him and he too scolds her. He asks her to sit at home and see him winning, and then make sweets. She asks why, you could have played fair. He says you also did not play fair.

They have an argument as he has cheated her and does not regret. She says she did not think he can do this. He asks why, if you believe I killed Nihaal Chachu. She says I did not believe so, I married you to stop Ranvi from giving statement, you made my life hell to punish me, but I have bear everything as I knew you were innocent, but this time you planned this against me, and proved I was wrong, you would have not done this if you loved me, a husband stands for his wife and does not create such situation to put pind against me and prove me wrong, why should I stay here then.

He says you told you would have left me if you learnt to live without me. She says I will learn now and explain myself that I loved Baldev and he did not love me. She says she will not stay here with him, and congrats to win. He gets a call. She says you go and talk to panchayat, there will be nothing important than winning elections, now I understood my brother was always right, and why he stopped me from marrying you.

Baldev gets a call from panchayat office and says I m coming, I have some important work before it. He sees Veera and says you told a lot, I thought you learnt a lesson, but you did not. Ranvi comes and they all ask him to take rest. He says he has work. The police comes and asks for Ranvi, saying they have to arrest him as Baldev has filed the complaint. Ratan says they had fight and even Baldev has beaten him. He says but he filed complaint first, now Ranvi has to say in court. Gunjan says why will Baldev file FIR against him. He says I don’t know, we have to take him.

Bansuri asks Veera is she going to her Maayka for few days. Ratan calls her and says Baldev filed FIR against Ranvi and police came to arrest him. Veera is shocked.

Baldev is about to win. Balwant says he wants to cancel FIR. The inspector asks him to get Baldev’s statement.

Update Credit to: Amena

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