Veera 21st May 2013 Written Episode Update


Veera 21st May 2013 Written Episode, Veera 21st May 2013 Written Update

Ratan asks Veera to go and wash her face. But when Veera turns around she trips and the turmeric fell on Ratan and someone points that its a good omen. Ratan meets Gurpreet when she’s going to clean up. Ranvi follows Veera. Ranvi cleans up Veera’s face. She’s upset and when Ranvi asks why did she apply all that make up, to which she replies that she want to look pretty like Gunjan. But Ranvi says she’s pretty anyways as she not only looks good but also has a good heart. He applies kajal at the back of her ear so that no evil eye can harm her.

Ratan is going to clean up when she bangs into Nihal as her eyes are burning coz of turmeric. Kartar comes from front and tries to help Ratan. Gurpreet watches this and walks away.

Gunjan is sitting with another girl of her age, sweety who’s showing

them her doll. Ranvi comes by with Veera and asks Veera to sit with them while he goes to fetch ice-cream. Sweety tells them about her school in Chandigarh. Baldev and his friend tries to attract sweety’s attention but she says they look stupid. Ranvi returns and since Baldev is dancing doesn’t notice him and he accidently falls. Baldev gets up and pushes Ranvi to ground. Veera runs to Ranvi’s aid and makes Baldev trip. Sweety forwards her hand for Ranvi for friendship. Ranvi is a little baffled and makes Veera shake her hand and runs away from there, embarrassed.

In the house, Hoshiar Singh’s nephew is sitting amongst the girls doing palm-reading. Bansuri is about to go but decides against it. The guys offers to see Veera’s hand but Ratan stops saying one shouldn’t do palm-reading for kids. He offers to see Ratan’s hand and she reluctantly agree. He predicts that all her troubles are going to end and happiness is going to return in her life. Ratan and Chaiji hopes Sampooran shall return. Ratan goes away.

There’s problem with the pump and Ratan goes to check it. Nihal follows and asks if she believes in predictions. She says it gives her hopes after all.

A man returns from Vaishno Devi and gives everyone auspicious stuff. He also gives a ‘Bindi’packet to Nimmo. Ratan and kids get emotional.

Ratan is dressed to attend the wedding and Ranvi gives her bangles to wear. Veera asks Ratan to shut her eyes as there’s a surprise for her. She does something and the kids laugh.

Update Credit to: euphoric

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