Veera 21st March 2014 Written Episode Update

Veera 21st March 2014 Written Episode, Veera 21st March 2014 Written Update

Episode starts with baldev bring veera from downstairs. Bansari see veera and surprisingly ask, what are doing here. Veera says, bull has injured me. Baldev says, he was good bull. Bansari ji says, oye shut baldev. Baldev thinks that why she shout on me. I cannot understand. Bansari ji bring veera in front of ranveer, Ranveer ask from veera, what happens? Veera says, i am ok now. Bansari ji says, she stuck from mad bull. Balwant tayaji surprisingly says, bull!!!!!!!
Bansari says, ooo ji you first of all take sweets and i am bringing tea. Bansari ji says to baldev that go and meet our guest. Baldev says, i dont like ranveer, i am silent due to papaji otherwise i kill him. Bansari ji says, respect him and then we will tell him that you want to become sarpanch then he will also support you. Baldev says,

oye biji, you are saying right, why this chat not came into my mind. Bansari ji says, now go and give wishes for holi. Ranveer ask from veera, why you bring gunjan at her home? Is everything alright? As veera tries to say something then baldev comes. Baldev gives wishes to ranveer.
Baldev says, now we will forget everything, all our enemities. We will live happily. Veera says, lets go veerji. Ranveer says, we have to bring gunjan back to home. Gunjan came and says, start arti….
Ranveer takes permission to go home. Ranveer says to veera, you both go to home, i have some work, i will be back.
Veera says, why you came back and you dont like this place. Gunjan bhabi!!!!!!!!!
I think you thought that you stay here until jagjit called you then after you leave our home. Gunjan says, i will stay this place and i am not going anywhere. Veera stops gunjan and says, you have to believe this house as your home and thinks biji and chaiji as your mother and veerji as your husband. Another bet is you dont misbehave with veerji. You have to respect veerji. If you will follow my rules then you can come otherwise i can close the door.
Veera says, what happen, i am going to close the door. Gunjan says, stop veera, i will follow your rule. Veera says, what you had said veerji will not earn and cannot speak english, cannot live in foreign. Now you see that i will make everything possible and you will only see.
Veera and gunjan came into house and chaiji says, oye veera, take your phone, it was in water pot, but i given it to gunjan. Veera says, gunjan bhabi has given me but i forget and put somewhere else. gunjan gives sweets and gifts to Biji and says, my mother has given this. Veera says, today bansari taiji thanks to veerji and gave so much respect.
Balwant tayaji and bansari taiji gave blessings to veerji and i know that if you will at on this place then you will also become happy. Chaiji says, ya i know he is really great man. Veera says, gunjan bhabi aren’t you so happy.
Biji says, ok now i am going to boil water for ranveer. Veera stops biji and says, gunjan bhabi will do this and she likes to do this. Chaiji says, go and boil water at chula..

Precap:- Gunjan show anger on veera and says, now see what will i do?

Update Credit to:tushar_sharma

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