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The Episode starts with Baldev standing in the rain waiting for Veera since 2 hours. His friend Jaggi asks him what is he doing here in rain. Baldev says he is waiting for Veera. His friend says she could have called you, if she had to come. He says girls make guys wait, Veera can’t be trusted, she broke your heart once and is making you dance again on her fingers. Baldev gets angry and says she is not making me dance, she is a different girl, she will surely come. He asks him to leave else he will beat him. His friend Jaggi leaves. Ratan is worried and asks Chaiji why did they not come till now. I will call Veera and ask. Chaiji says be calm, maybe the recording is happening good. Ratan says I can pray to Lord, I m tensed.

Ranvi, Veera and Gunjan come home. Ratan asks him about his recording. He

is upset and goes to his room without answering her. Ratan asks them what happened to Ranvi. Gunjan says recording did not happen good. Ranvi was very nervous and he made many mistakes. Veera says music director said tomorrow is Ranvi’s last chance, Ranvi is worried and cursing himself. Ratan says its first time, it happens why to lose hope, he has another chance tomorrow, he will do well. Veera says but he is thinking about today’s failure, he is worried, its important to make him happy.

Ratan asks how. Chaiji says like Baldev makes everyone happy with his naughty things, shall we do the same. Veera thinks oh no, I had to meet Baldev and I was busy here, I will apologize to him later, right now we have to make Ranvi’s mood good. They all come to Ranvi. Ratan plays the guitar badly. Veera says give me, I will play and plays bad. Chaiji takes it from her and says I will show you playing. She plays table on the guitar, and Gunjan takes it and plays badly. They see Ranvi is still upset.

Gunjan says its so tough, how can Ranvi play so well, show us playing it. Gunjan brings some laddos and Chaiji makes Ranvi taste it. Ratan and Veera too insists. Veera eats it and praises it. Veera makes the laddoo on spoon and tries to make him smile. Gunjan dresses like Ranvi and comes. She sits sad beside him, just enacting him. Ranvi looks at her. She does all his movements. Ranvi finally smiles and she hugs him. She moves back seeing everyone. Everyone smile as Ranvi eats the laddoos.

Veera calls Baldev and comes out. She says why is he not taking my call, he might be angry, what to do. Its raining, he would have not waited for me. She asks a man about Baldev. Jaggi tells Veera that Baldev stood in the rain for 2 hours and everything what happened. She asks where is he now. He says he went home, would he wait here all night for you. Baldev gets ill and doctor checks him. Veera comes and Baldev sees her. He tells Bansuri that he is feeling sleepy, don’t let anyone come in, don’t wake me, I don’t want to meet anyone. Bansuri says fine, you take rest.

Veera asks Bansuri about Baldev. Bansuri says come tomorrow, he is not fine, he got fever, why did he stand in rain, what was that important work. Veera says fine, I will come later and leaves. Veera comes home and talks to Baldev’s pic, apologizing to him. She says why did you wait in the rain for so long. She says I was with Ranvi at the recording studio, I will tell you sorry and my feelings tomorrow. She hears Ranvi singing the song Bekhudi bebasi…………….. She runs to him.

She smiles listening him sing so well. She claps and encourages him to sing well tomorrow. Veera asks him to show his talent to the music director. He says its different to sing there, not like singing at home and fields, I was very nervous there seeing the machines, I remembered everything, all lyrics. He says don’t know I can sing tomorrow or not. She says I understand, its first time, when you start a new work, some problems happen, trust me, everything will be fine. She explains him and asks him to practice. He says no, today we don’t have time, I did not practice in any studio, we don’t have any studio in Pind.

She says you want to practice, so come with me. He says where are you taking me. Veera brings Ranvi to a studio and asks him to practice here. She says be here, I will open the door. He says whats this, if we get caught, we will be beaten. They get into the studio. The guard is sleeping. She smiles seeing the key.

Baldev is restless as Veera did not call him. He says I m annoyed, but she can talk. Jaggi says you stay angry, don’t talk to her, show her some attitude.

Update Credit to: Amena

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