Veera 21st January 2013 Written Episode Update


Veera 21st January 2013 Written Episode, Veera 21st January 2013 Written Update

Veera asks Moti Chaiji to do it fast as its getting late for school. Chaiji tells her that she has just two hands and she is doing is fast as possible. Veera packs her tiffin and urges chaiji to reduce the warmth as the milk is hot. Chaiji suspects something to be wrong with Veera as she woke up and got ready by herself. Ranvi comes there asking for his hanky. Chaiji asks him whats the matter but he brushes it off saying just like that. Veera notices Chaiji’s tummy while drinking milk. She gets flash backs of big tummy wala hawaldhaar. Veera tells chaiji not to put on weight as she will be made a police woman. She asks Chaiji to explain later as she is getting late. Chaiji is now sure that something had happened to Veera as she is going without getting answer for her question. Ranvi hugs Ratan before going.

Chaiji asks Ratan whether she knows about what is going on. She replies saying Veera must have got frightened as she brought the lipstick from Gunjan’s home. Chaiji comments that a mother can only understand what a child thinks. Ratan is upset to hear these words.

Ranvi and Ratan go to Gunjan’s class room. She is not present there. Baldev tells them that Gunjan will not come today. Veera wants to go to Gunjan’s home and return it immediately else Police might catch her. Ranvi tells that they can go to after the school gets over.

All kids are in a hurry. Veera notices a teacher who has big tummy. She remembers Ranvi’s words regarding description of police. The teacher calls her to some near him. She is scared and runs away.

Ratan receives Gurpreet’s call. Gurpreet invites her to home as she needs to talk something important. Ratana asks whats the matter but she insists her to come home. Ratan accepts.

Teacher comes to Ranvi’s class. He asks Ranvi as why he is taking leave frequently. Ranvi tells him that whether he attends the class or not doesn’t matter as he copied the notes. Teacher starts to ask him questions.
Rani Laxmi Bai ‘s mother name ‘ Bhagirathi bai
RLB’s husband’s name Raja Gangadhar Rao
RLB’s birth date ‘ 19th November 1828

Veera is under the desk. She is helping Ranvi to answer the questions. The teacher praises him and asks him not to get scared when he knows the answer. He explains the children how brave was LB inspite of facing many difficulties. Teacher tells them that there are many such women in Indian history who are brave. Ranvi says about his beeji’s will power as she manages the farm, house, kids and the accounts of home. Veera insists him to tell that beeji makes milk and lassi for them. He doesn’t so she shouts. Teacher hears her voice.

Kartar is talking with someone on phone. He opens door and sees Ratan. She calls for Gurpreet and goes near her. Both wish each other. Gurpreet sends Kartar to get milk and makes Ratan sit. She asks for forgiveness for her behaviour at hospital. Gurpreet tells that her dream shattered and didn’t know what to do at that time. She says she shouldn’t have said what she said as she felt earlier that she would have got cured if she had come to hospital before. But its not so as its God’s wish to bless us with a child. Ratan asks her to think and get worried about it. She tells Gurpreet to concentrate on her health, Kartar and their family. Ratan assures that she will be there to help. Nihaal comes to return keys. Both stare at each other.

Veera comes out and holds Ranvi’s hand tightly. Title song plays on background. Teacher is surprised to see Veera and asks why is she here. Ranvi answers on her behalf. He tells that Veera is his sister and is new to school. Ranvi says that Veera understands everything and answer that I said is what she told me. Teacher blesses her as she has good knowledge at this age. He asks Ranvi to allow Veera study as much she wants. Teacher is sure that she will do something big in future to bring fortune to village and home.

Bansuri talking with another lady. She tells that lady that Gunjan has got chicken pox. Bansuri says Gunjan is torturing her and she is afraid that Baldev must not catch up with the same. Ratan hears their talks and gives a few advises to her. Bansuri taunts her about Nihaal. She wants to know whether Nihaal had brought any news regarding Sampooran. Ratn replies she didn’t get any information and leaves to warn Ranvi and Veera.

Veera comes to her class. Baldev blocks her way and doesn’t allow. Veera complains to a teacher who sees them. Baldev tactfully tells that Veera was asking about Gunjan. He says that Gunjan has got mata. Teacher asks them to go to their respective class. Veera is worried as God has come to Gunjan. She fears that Gunjan might complain to God.

Ratan informs Ranvi that Gunjan has got maata. She asks her not to go to Gunjan’s home in the evening. Ranvi searches for Veera in her class and asks the teacher. He gets the information that Veera didn’t attend the class. Ranvi looks worried.

Update Credit to: seelaks

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