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Veera 21st February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Balwant talking to Baldev about his life getting complete after he did all his duties towards children, and today Veera has done a lot for us, you did a good work by marrying Veera, and explains him about the glass breaking. He asks him to be good with Veera. He tells about the affidavit and some docs he needs to show in police station to get free from Nihaal’s case, tell me if you need my help. Baldev says no, all the work is done. He says I m starting my transport business again. Balwant gets glad and hugs him.

Baldev comes to his room and sees Veera sleeping. He takes the diaries from her hand and looks at her. Mahiya…………..plays……………..He smiles and moves her hair strand off her face. He goes and sleeps on the ground. Gunjan comes to the clinic and

is asked to sit after taking the appointment. Veera is also in the same clinic and talks to psychiatrist and says Baldev is responding well, but I m giving him medicines by hiding it. He says don’t worry, I will change some medicines and give you for more better progress. Gunjan and Veera see each other and wonder why are they here.

Veera says if she asks me what I m doing here, what will I say. She says if she see me, what will I tell later. She gets Bansuri’s call and says she came for some imp work. Bansuri scolds her. Veera says she will come home and do all the work. Gunjan thinks to leave out and wait outside, as maybe Veera did not see her. Veera ends call and says where did she go. Veera calls Gunjan and asks about her hospital visit, is she fine.

Baldev talks to some man and asks him to come today as he wants to know about transport permit. He says he has to go court for some imp work. The man says send someone else. Baldev says I will see, both work are imp to me. Gunjan tells Veera that she was having backpain so she came and why did she come. Veera lies and asks about Ranvi.

Gunjan says Ranvi is at home, he did not come. Veera says no, how can he not come with you, I will take his class. She ends the call and Gunjan worries. Veera calls Ranvi and asks him why did he not go to hospital with Gunjan. Ranvi says she did not tell me anything. Veera says maybe she did not wish to trouble you. He says fine, I m coming. Ranvi calls Gunjan and asks her what happened to her, I m coming to you. She says no need, I m fine. He says you are careless, I m coming. She thinks she should cancel appointment before Ranvi comes.

Veera calls Gunjan and says she will sit with her till Ranvi comes. Gunjan says no, you go, everyone will be waiting at home. Veera says fine, take care. Baldev tells the problem to Jaggi about going to court as he has meeting with Hari. Jaggi says Billa and I are outside, we can’t come so soon. Baldev thinks whom can he trust now. Veera says you can trust me, I have heard you, you meet Hari and I will do the court work. He says I will tell dad, its imp papers. She asks does he trust her or not. He says its very imp, it anything happens, I will be in big problem. She says I will manage. He gives her the papers.

Gunjan cancels the appointment and gets worried as Ranvi will come. He thinks to call him and stop. She is shocked as Ranvi comes there. Veera tells Bansuri that she has to go to court for Baldev’s work. Bansuri asks her to help her in work. She sends Veera and spoils the papers, being sorry to Baldev but she is going this for his good.

Gunjan takes Ranvi aside and says she has little pain so she came here. She coughs and the nurse calls for her. Gunjan says lets go home. He says we came here, lets talk to doctor. He says she has appointment with general physician and sees the name board. Ranvi asks the nurse and she checks the register. Veera says she has done all work. Bansuri scolds her and increases the work. Veera thinks to do the work and go.

The nurse says Gunjan does not have the appointment, and ask her to wait for some time. Gunjan says she won’t wait, she will leave soon. Bansuri makes the oil fall on the papers. Veera is shocked.

The lawyer tells Veera that the papers were very imp, and its not a joke to make its duplicate copy.

Update Credit to: Amena

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