Veera 21st February 2013 Written Episode Update

Veera 21st February 2013 Written Episode, Veera 21st February 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Baldev planning to ruin Rv’s kite by spilling glue on it so that it won’t be able to fly. He walks towards Ranveera, Bansuri sees this and grins. Veera notices Baldev coming towards them, doubting his intentions she takes a small wood stick and puts it vertically on the floor. Baldev unknowingly hurts his foot. Hearing Baldev’s screaming voice, villagers gather there ,Veera laughs seeing Baldev in pain. Seeing her son in pain, Bansuri scolds Veera, Veera says she didn’t do it intentionally. Bansuri tells the whole village knows how naughty Veera is, when Ratan says the villagers know about Her ( Bansuri’s ) sons naughtiness too. Baldev tries to cover up by saying he just wanted to see his kite from a distance, he further says his kite is better than Rv’s. Baldev leaves

from there, followed by bansuri.Veera ask Ratan how is their kite, Ratan answers its nice.

RV tells veera she should have paid attention while putting the stick to which Veera says she did intentionally since she knew Baldev was going to spill glue. Rv scolds her for hurting Baldev saying she shouldn’t behave the way Baldev does. Veera accepts her fault saying she will stand in a corner putting her hands up considering it as punishment. Veera tells her there is no need as she accepted her fault.

Gunjan teases baldev by asking him whether it’s paining, baldev stares at her angrily.

All villagers are together, a man tells he is going to Canada soon, his wife isn’t happy with his decision. The mansays they can talk through telephone, letters etc to which his wife says ”letters and telephone can’t fill the distance, what say Ratan parchaiji ? Villagers including Ratan feel uneasy.

Veera asks whether a kite has moustache. Rv tells it doesn’t, he further says it is isn’t only a kite but his Ardaas to god too. He further says he wants their father understand that they miss him and he should return to his kids. Rv goes away, Veera seeing the moustache feels their fathers moustache is different from this one, and sets it like their father’s.

Ratn advices the woman (whose husband is about to go to Canada) that she should let her husband go abroad as they will be able to provide a good life to their kid, so she should trust her husband. The woman says she can’t believe Ratan is saying this as Ratan is lost everything because of her blind trust on her husband. She further says that she can’t be like Ratan and if her husband doesn’t come back she will be heartbroken. Ratan tells the woman she is saying this after going through the pain only. She further tells her they should trust their husbands instead of regretting it after. Rv comes there and asks Ratan he bindi for his kite.

Veera see the boy who gave her a box of cockroaches in school, she goes towards him only to find the guy having red color on his face, she laughing seeing him.

Baldev sees ranveera aren’t beside their kite, feels it’s the right moment to ruin Ranveera’s kite. Gunjan asks him what he is up to, Baldev asks her to shut up. he goes towards Ranveera’s kite, He steps in a puddle, Bansuri’s face is wet by splashed mud.

Nihal and Moti Chaiji greet each other. Nihal asks whether everything is ok, Moti chaiji tells How ratan is more and more responsibility, and how she (Ratan) is feeling alone. Nihal is asks if she can ask ratan, he is about to say something he sees Ratn there, looking at them.

Pre-cap: Baldev telling Veera how Rv will lose and he will win in Kite competition.

Update Credit to: Roshani

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