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The Episode starts with Kohli telling Oberoi that Baldev did good and Veera is disqualified. Oberoi asks him to still keep an eye on Veera. Baldev says she always did wrong with me and I have always forgiven you, this time I did wrong with you, lets see you forgive me or not. Veera cries and says my husband has trapped me, I did not know he hates me so much. Ranvi says I can’t imagine, we felt he changed but he was still the same. Ratan says lets go home now and Ranvi goes. Ratan says did he go to Baldev. Baldev tells Kohli that he will go home now. Kohli says have wine, whats the difference if you go late.

Baldev says no, I will go. Ranvi comes to his home and calls out Baldev. Bansuri says he is not at home, don’t shout,. Balwant is sleeping. Balwant comes and asks what happened. Ranvi says

he will get angry when he knows and leaves. Manjeet smiles and says Baldev won in his plan. Bansuri says if he does anything wrong with my son, I will not leave him. Balwant goes to ask Ranvi and sees he is gone. He asks why was is he so angry. He asks what did Baldev do now.

Baldev comes walking in drunk state. Ratan tells everything to Chai ji. Chai ji says he is doing such low thing to win elections. Ratan says Ranvi can’t bear if anyone hurts Veera, she is broken today and don’t know what will Ranvi do with him now. Ranvi waits for Baldev outside his house. He sees Baldev coming. He catches his collar and asks why did he do this. Baldev asks why is he angry, he did that he and Veera started.

Ranvi says we did not cheat you, did we try to keep fair and get votes, or give gifts, what did you do, you cheated your wife who loved you so much. Baldev says what love, she stood against me in elections, I have done this, she will hide her face all her life now. Ranvi beats him a lot. Gunjan tells Veera we will see them. Bansuri asks Baldev and Ranvi not to fight. Gunjan comes home and asks them to stop it. She calls Veera and asks her to come soon outside the house, Ranvi and Baldev are fighting. Veera says I m coming.

Ratan comes and asks them to stop. Balwant too comes in between. They don’t stop fighting. Veera comes and looks on. She asks them to leave each other and gives her vow. Ranvi leaves Baldev. Balwant asks them to have some shame, how are they fighting like animals. Baldev says he started. Ranvi asks what did you do, you kept party for Veera, and made her disqualify in elections. Balwant is shocked.

Veera says he has got wrong proof against me and proved that I m bribing the people to get votes, so I was disqualified, my husband has ruined my name infront of the pind, my mistake was to trust him, I thought he loves me. Baldev says I love you, but I regret that I did not get love from you, you stood against me and showed me down, you are used Ranvi’s popularity. Balwant gets angry. Baldev calls them thieves. Ranvi beats him and Veera stops him. Balwant says it’s the limit, and asks Veera to take Ranvi and go to her Biji home.

Veera asks Ranvi to calm down. Ranvi says what to calm down, this man has done so much and you want me to calm down. She says you can’t clear my name from this blame, for Lord’s sake come with me. Ranvi goes with her. Ratan asks Gunjan to come home. Gunjan says no Biji, I need to talk to my brother, I will come. Ratan leaves. Gunjan asks her parents to go home. Bansuri asks is she mad, did she see Baldev’s state. Balwant says let her talk. They go all inside the home.

Gunjan talks to Baldev. She asks does he feel what he did with Veera is right, he has cheated her and broke her trust. She says she was sad in party, as she was missing him, she did not know her husband is not coming as he is planning against her. He says you also make me bad, no one tells anything to Ranvi, he has hit me first. She says you did such work, no brother can’t bear his sister’s insult like this. He says great, brother and sister’s ideal examples, if she had to respect Ranvi all her life, why did she marry me. Gunjan says she loves you, and you held her responsible, you did not think you are hurting your wife.

He says she has hurt me by agreeing to Ranvi, do you know how bad I felt, and when my sister has supported Veera instead me, and when I wanted help, you did not help me, my father is on Veera’s side, fine you did this for Ranvi, but Veera should have supported me this way, but she did not, she stood against me, I was all alone. She cries. He says Veera has always supported Ranvi and went against me, I was always hurt. He leaves. Gunjan thinks.

The police comes to arrest Ranvi. Ranvi asks what did I do. Ratan asks on what charges. The inspector says Baldev has filed FIR against him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. this show sucks…!!!! Big time…. Theres a limit to idiocity… Why does veera always have to doubt baldev even wen she knoz he will act like a total maniac…!!!

    1. Veera doesn’t always doubt Baldev, this time Veera didn’t but something happened as got disqualified

      1. She doubted him wen she found that money bundle… She thought he sold away land for the mall

  2. bladev,y r u creating problems again?veera knows baldev’s character so she should handle him.

  3. Plzz dir.make them enjoy their love like b4 im tied to see them like that especially v&b

  4. The guys a loser and veer should dump him and his stupid family. Like mother like son typical asses.

  5. “before you look at the problem, look at the cause.” Whilst I am a fan of Veera, the storylines of late has not been impressive (unlike the Poland story, Baldev/Veera love story, Ranvir’s talent quest). Baldev is not only being manipulated against Veera, but he’s also been left to be on his own by the people that should stand by his side…especially his wife! Why is he always the villain.. if not him then it’s Gunjan (and it takes forever for them to come right!)… and why is it that when Ranvir or Veera make a mistake – the are shown to have valid reasons for it and it only takes one or two episodes for it to be over. – Food for thought for the creatives of the show…

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