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Veera 20th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with chaiji says to veera, dont you think about your family, what will happen to your family. I know that baldev did wrong but you think that you have done right or not? Two wrong decision made more wrong result. veera says, so do you want to say that me and baldev cannot stay together. Chaiji says, we all will just wait.
Gunjan gets worried about money and says, how will i get more money? I cannot get from father or with ranveer. Then she calls her friend manjot and manjot denies to play cards and drops the call by saying it, if her husband see her to chat with you then he will kill me. Gunjan then worried and fill up the cheque and feels guilty.
Veera worship to God and thinks about chaiji conversation. In gurudwara, priest teachs lesson of marriage. veera listens it and says

to herself, i am doing wrong, i should break the marriage of baldev and simran. I thinks its God order. I am releasing you baldev from all oath and promises. I worship to God that you both will bring love and live together. She see newly married couple as baldev and simran. Veera says, i lost you baldev.
Baldev friends does conversation and says, if baldev praji will know about it then he will take our life. baldev comes to barber shop and ask about hair cutting. baldev friend show hair cut to barber and says, if you will cut that type of hair cut then i will give you 300 rs. baldev friends says, if baldev paji hair cut will happen like this then he will not marry. veera reaches there and ask from him. She says, i will get my answer from saloon then baldev friends tells the truth. Another boy gets angry with hair cut and then baldev friends run away. Baldev turned around and see veera. veera then gone from there.
Gunjan says to herself, this is the last time and from now onwards, now i will not say any false. Ranveer reaches there and ask from her, what are you hiding behind your hand. Gunjan distracted the conversation.
Ranveer says, ok i will not see your hand but i will not allow you to go anywhere. i want to spend some time with you. Biji worriedly calls ranveer and says, i dont know what is happening with veera. She is trying to break ranveer and simran relation. She sent someone at simran home and she hide herself behind the door and bansuri bhabi saw him and said alot to her. ranveer says, i will talk with her. Gunjan says to biji, i am going to biji’s home.
Biji says to gunjan, say sorry to bansuri bhabi. Gunjan then see spoiled check and says, now how will bank accept this cheque. Veera see plants and thinks, me and ranveer planted these plant. Now i will leave this pind and joined job outside from pind but what happened about papa ji’s dream. Nihal chachu reaches there and hug her.
Veera says, how will i understand myself. Nihal chachu says, just see your mother, when your father left her then she live with you and now see, whole pind respect her. I have never seen that kind of women. I respect her. SHe has faced lot of pain. There is no result by running. If we will face pain then we get power to face it. Your mother confronts all the situation and pain automatically gone. Veera, you are my daughter whom God doesn’t gave me. You stay here and live your life. Accept your love as friend and if you will run from truth then everything will remind you.

Precap:- Sahukar boys come to ranveer home and ask about gunjan and says, she has taken money from sahukar and then they beat ranveer. Gunjan reaches there.

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