Veera 20th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Veera 20th May 2013 Written Episode, Veera 20th May 2013 Written Update

Ratan and Chaiji break their emotional hug as Bansuri and Kartar enter their home. Bansuri enquires about Ratan allowing Shamsher to conduct Nimmy’s marriage in her house. Kartar starts to praise Ratan saying she has a beautiful heart. As Chaiji is staring at him, he changes it to be Sampooran who used to praise her like that. Ratan says the village is like her family and she cannot see anyone from her family suffer. Bansuri tells that since her hubby is the sarpanch, the marriage should be conducted in her home. Ratan sweetly says even this her home. She wants some function in home as there had not been any for many years.

Shamsher and his family arrive. Ratan welcomes his wife and asks her to save the tears for her daughter’s farewell else groom’s family will comment that they are happy sending

their daughter away. Kartar says that it will be good if they start to work for the marriage. He comments on what must be done. Nihaal enters and says , first they must complete decorating the house outside. Chaiji and Bansuri smile on seeing Nihaal whereas Kartar is not. Chaiji supports Nihaal’s statement as Baraati will see how the house is only from outside (first impression).

Veera is making rangoli using chalk. She asks her Veerji how does it look. Nihaal tries to lift a sac when Bansuri offers to help him. He refuses and goes. ‘Aiyaa’ music in BG . Chaiji and all village people are busy preparing for the wedding. Ratan carries a set of clothes. Kartar takes it over form her and then looks at Sampooran’s family picture. Nihaal notices this.

A painter is holding the dupatta stand and painting the house. Its shaking. Chaiji and Ratan pass by and Nihaal saves them from the stand falling on their head. Ratan is extremely angry and bursts at the painter for being careless. She shouts at him saying he will not understand the value of it. Nihaal says he had never seen Ratan getting angry so much. Chaiji tells him its not anger but the disrespect that the painter did to Ratan’s waiting for Sampooran. Nihaal goes to place in the original position. Ratan refuses but he doesnt listen to her. She asks for confirmation as whether its properly placed. Nihaal is not able to see Ratan clearly. He feels dizzy. Ratan asks whether he is afraid of being in height and tells him to get down slowly. Ratan guides him by holding his hands. She comments that he will not become a woman just by holding her hand. Ratan says she had seen so many faces of Nihaal , one .. who doesnt fear for gun and bullet ..second .. who fears for cockroaches and heights. She asks him to take rest for two minutes, drink water and then get back to work.

Veera wants to sajane sawaarne herself. Ranvi objects. Both notice that Nimmy is crying. They ask her about it. Nimmy tells she is worried and doesnt want to do marriage in such a situation. Veera says she will go down and inform everyone about it. Ranvi stops her. Nimmy continues telling about how her father saved money for her marriage and the recent damage to their house. Ranvi assures that everything will be alright soon.

Veera attempts to join two coins as Nimmy said that her parents saved money with much difficulty. Both Nimmy and Ranvi laugh at her action. Nimmy says Veera is not allowing her to even cry and wipes her tears. Ranvi thinks to himself that where his sister is , there is no way for anyone being sad.

Ratan offers Nihaal water. She tells that one cannot be judged by their look. Nihaal also praises her as she doesnt everything bravely. Ratan says Nihaal wont get afraid even if he is made to stand in front of a lion but gets scared on seeing cockroach and heights. Both laugh heartily. Two souls aka Kartar and Bansuri are fuming seeing both together. They ask what is the matter. Bansuri sarcastically tells that they would have told them if they think them to be their friends.Nihaal says he is scared of heights. Kartar makes fun of him. Bansuri comes to Nihaal’s rescue as even her chachaji is scared of heights. Kartar sends Nihaal away with Bansuri. Again ‘aiyaa’ in BG. Bansuri touches Nihaal’s hand in the pretext of helping him to lift a suitcase. Nihaal lifts the luggage and places it right on her leg. Bansuri screams in pain after Nihaal leaves.

Nimmy’s haldi ceremony is going on. Chaiji, Ratan, Bansuri and other ladies apply haldi on Nimmy. Veera is misisng from ceremony. Chaiji asks about her whereabouts to Gunjan. Veera enters the place with full make up. She looks like a cute bhootni. Veera asks everyone as how she looks. Bansuri starts to laugh and makes fun of Ratan for teaching Veera to do make up differently. Baldev comments she looks like small money. Veera is upset. Ratan asks Veera to wash her face. While returning she slips, Ratan tries to get hold of her but the haldi splashes on Ratan.

A guy is predicting on seeing Ratan’s hands. He tells that she must have two daughters. The other woman present ask how come its possible as Ratan’s husband is not with her. The guy tells her to dress beautifully and this may make a way for Sampooran to return.

Update Credit to: seelaks

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