Veera 20th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Veera 20th March 2014 Written Episode, Veera 20th March 2014 Written Update

Balwant tayaji ask about ranveer. As gunjan tries to say something. Balwant tayaji says, i thinks you came here after fighting with ranveer. You can only came here at in this house whenever you will live happily with ranveer. Gunjan says, everything is alright i will bring water for you.
Chaiji bring sheep to keep outside. Ranveer come and says, i will take it. Ranveer ask about veera. Chaiji says, veera has taken gunjan at her papaji’s home. Biji says, you have to go at balwant tayaji’s home. Go and take some sweet for him.
Baldev bring veera at his home. Bansari heard the veera’s voice and says, now i will heard veera’s voice. Baldev says, you have to marry me and give me lassi to drink. Veera says, why will i marry you and why will i give you lassi.
Baldev put

ointment on gunjan’s leg. Bansari gossips with her friend and they said that you are having good destiny so that you will get ranveer type son in law.
Chaiji see the phone of veer and gets surprised. Bansari bring ranveer at her home and show sweets to balwant tayaji. Ranveer ask about health of balwant tayaji. balwant tayaji see at ranveer and gunjan’s face. Bansari says, i will bring some sweets and tea. Gunjan also goes into kitchen. Balwant tayaji says, is gunjan does something wrong. She havent mess up with your family and i know when she knew the truth then she realize her mistake. So please be with her.
Ranveer says, i will wait for gunjan not only in this life but upto 7 life. Bansari ask about liking of ranveer. gunjan says, i dont know but why are you doing this. I dont like him. Bansari says, you have to give thanks to us that we have accepted you. Gunjan says, i am your and i am not shy about it. I will alway be yours and i am not happy with this relation.
Bansari says, you have to understand only one thing that ranveer is your husband. Keep in your mind. Gunjan calls to
jagjit and says, i have leave ranveer and now i am ready to come with you at cannada. Jagjit says, if i will say that i am not in cannada. Jagjit says, i cannot go to cannada and i want to destroy you and ranveer and veera.

Precap:- Bansari says, ranveer will give competition for sarpanchji’s election and if we will say ranveer to take back his name then you will easily win the election.

Update Credit to: tushar_sharma

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