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The Episode starts with the marriage arrangements going on. Rahul sees Ranvi packing gifts. Rahil calls Deepu and she goes and sits in Ranvi’s lap. Geet talks to Veera. Rahul observes everyone. Rahul tells Veera to come along, he has to talk. Bansuri calls Veera and she goes. Balwant asks Rahul to get ready. Dilawar goes to Manjeet and asks was this her plan to make marriage done in one day. She asks him to be patient, and see what she does. Balwant sends Gunjan to Geet.

Rahul comes to meet Geet and says he wants to talk to her. Gunjan comes and says you can’t talk now, wait until marriage. She sends him and makes Geet ready for marriage. Gunjan prays that Rahul keeps Geet and Deepu happy always. She leaves. Manjeet tells Deepu that she has to leave home after Geet’s marriage and thank Ranvi

with any good gift. She says she has taken a card and gift for Ranvi and kept in room, take Ranvi there.

Ranvi goes with Deepu. Gunjan wears the suit Ranvi gifted her and thinks it will be new start today, our relation will be fine after Geet’s marriage. Deepu asks Ranvi to see Geet, how she looks. Ranvi says she looks great. Deepu gifts Ranvi and says she is going away, she will miss him. Gunjan looks for Ranvi. She thinks did Ranvi go to meet Geet. Ranvi hugs Deepu.

Geet thanks Ranvi for making her independent and understanding her pain, she will never be able to forget his favor. Bansuri calls Gunjan, and Gunjan goes. Rahul gets ready as groom, and Manjeet comes to him. She fills his ears and asks him to get ready soon, she will send someone. He thinks why is Geet hiding her feelings, I have to talk to her before marrying her, and see honesty on her face. Ranvi gets a call and goes with Deepu. Geet sees he left the gift and card and keeps there.

Veera looks for Rahul and calls him. Veera and Baldev smile seeing each other. Ranvi smiles seeing Gunjan wearing his gifted suit. Rahul comes to Geet and sees her smiling seeing a greeting card. He hides and Geet leaves. He checks the card and reads Ranvijay Singh I love you a lot. He says it means Geet loves Ranvi. Geet comes there and hears this. She says you are mistaken, Deepu has given this card to him, as we are leaving the pind. Rahul says I trust you, but I want to ask you something.

He asks is there anything between you and Ranvi. She says no, he is like my Guru, I respect him, like Veera respects you, we never had any relation. He says sorry to ask you this, I wanted to hear it from you once. He asks is she happy with this marriage. He asks can she love him. She thinks she does not have love to give him, how to answer him. She says you are a good person, I will try to become a good wife, as do as you say. He says I want a loving wife, but obeying my orders. He asks why is she doing this marriage. Deepu comes and takes the gift for Ranvi.

He asks her to swear on Deepu, whom she loves the most and asks her why is she marrying. Geet cries and says to save Ranvi’s married life and end Gunjan’s doubt. He is shocked. He says I won’t let you sacrifice yourself for other’s happiness.

Rahul refuses to marry Geet. This shocks everyone. Manjeet smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I don’t like this track, Manjeet should leave the show.

  2. manjeet nai gunjan nd baldev ko ya to serial se bahr kar dna chahiye ya unhe fully vamp bna dena chahiye

  3. Dis manjeets track is totally disgusting….. Baldev have become insane…

  4. Very good Rahul don’t do because of gunjan no way let her feel like dat always

  5. Lovely episode.

  6. Why they always need to twist things and make it stressed for God sake. let this wedding be

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