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The Episode starts with Veera giving the cold drinks to Baldev. Mahiya………..plays………. Ranvi and Gunjan come and Veera welcomes them. She tells Ranvi that she has done all the arrangements. He greets Bansuri and Balwant, and the guests compliment him for giving good values to Veera as she respects her inlaws a lot. Bansuri thinks when will Veera face troubles to arrange food. Veera calls Jaggi and tells him to get food soon. Jaggi says no one is providing food saying order should be made before hand. Veera tells him some idea.

Ranvi meets Baldev and does not get good response. Gunjan sees Ranvi upset. Veera says we have less time, hurry up. She thinks what to do of cake. Ranvi comes and sees her working in kitchen. He says he will take cold drinks. She thinks what to do that everyone

get patient for one hour. Ranvi talks to all guests and thanks them for coming. He says I will entertain you all with a song. He sings Bekhudi bebasi……………Veera goes out to see him and smiles.

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She thinks Ranvi knows all my problems and solves it too. She makes the cake. Baldev goes to Veera and Bansuri thinks did Veera call Baldev by excuse. Baldev smiles and comes to her. He says you did everything on your own, without my help. She says you helped me, as you saved me from falling and took me in your arms. Baldev cleans her face and they get closer. They come out and dance with everyone.

Bansuri says everyone is waiting for food. Balwant says yes, its time for dinner now. Bansuri says I m sure she will do the best. She thinks Veera should accept it now. Billa and Jaggi bring the food and they all smile. Gunjan says chaat party is nice. Bansuri is stunned. The guests get happy with the chaat. Veera gives chaat dish to Bansuri. Billa wishes Balwant and Bansuri.

Baldev asks Billa where is Jaggi. Jaggi tells Veera that her idea worked and he has got a chaat stall man to make all chaat dishes and got them here as waiters. He asks about cake. Veera says I will make it. Bansuri thinks to ruin the cake and Veera stops her. She says you cancelled the bookings, I thought you will not cancel it as its your party, you will not hate me so much to ruin your anniversary. Bansuri says she will do anything as she hates her a lot. She says till she leaves from their lives, she can’t be happy. The guests wait for Veera. Veera cries and thinks of Bansuri.

Veera makes a beautiful cake. She brings it out and smiles. Bansuri is shocked. Balwant compliments her. Veera tells Bansuri that she did what she wanted and now I will do what I want. They cut the cake and everyone clap. Bansuri leaves annoyed and Veera asks her to have the cake. Bansuri refuses and Veera says my love has made me cross all hurdles. Bansuri says Baldev hates you so much that he wants to give you divorce. Veera says so you know it. Bansuri says I will make him kick you out. Veera challenges her that Baldev will love her more than before. Bansuri says fine, you took one month time, before it ends, he will kick you out of this house.

Bansuri makes Veera do the work and thinks sorry Baldev, I m doing this for your good.

Update Credit to: Amena

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