Veera 20th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Veera 20th February 2014 Written Episode, Veera 20th February 2014 Written Update

Veera says to gunjan that i am going to foreign tomorrow but now how will you show your bitterness. Will you forget it? Veera and ranveer prays in a guruddwara and veera’s grandparents reaches there. Veera ask , veera who are they? Ranveer says, they are from nearby pinds, go and take blessings from them.
Baldev tell his friends that veera hug him and baldev friend’s ask, why she hug you. Baldev friends says that veera is fall in love with you pajji. Baldev says, her destiny is bad and i will break her heart. Baldev friend says, but now she is going. Baldev says, ok no problem. But if she says me to drop me to airport. Then ok i will drop her. I will fulfill duty in love.
Chaiji and biji packed the bags of veera and veera says, hayo rabba, you are throwing me from this house before time. Veera live the moment in the house. Ranveer says, veera, we are getting late. Ranveer and veera gone from house. But as they move outside from house and bank person came. veera inquire from them but pind people’s came.
Biji bring shetty ji and says, veera doesnt knows anything about this loan. Everybody gives some gift.
Baldev reaches there. Veera call baldev and says, i am going and i didnt even think that i will say thank you for supporting me at that time. Baldev says, i know you are mad in love with me. Veera hug biji and chaiji.
Baldev friends came and says, oye pajji, she didnt say you to drop at airport. Veera gives sim card to ranveer and gone from pind.
Shetty says to biji, now can i start my work. balwant singh says to bansari that bank is doing auction for ranveer’s house.
Ratan parjai didnt inform us. bansari says, it is goodnes to ratan that she is not coming to our home for help.
bansari fights with balwant ji. baldev heard all this and says, it is my responsibility that i will inform her. Baldev call her but her phone is switched off. Baldev says, now i have to go airport to tell that thing.

Precap:- Baldev goes to stop veera.

Update Credit to: tushar_sharma

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