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Veera 20th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Veera telling Ranvi about Baldev managing arrangements. He says he is glad and did not see Baldev missing party anytime for work. Ratan tries calling Ranvi and Gunjan. Gunjan takes Ranvi for dance and get busy. Chai ji calls Veera. They don’t take the call. Baldev recalls Veera’s words and the man asks him to go now and he will manage. Chai ji asks Ratan to go and talk to Veera, and inform Balwant. Ratan says no, it will spoil things.

Manjeet talks to a lady and says she is doing like she planned, she will get money and they she will call her there, no one should know. Bansuri comes and asks whom is she calling. Manjeet asks her not to doubt on her and worry for herself. Manjeet scolds her and says remember, what I know, if I tell anyone, you will not be able to show your

face to pind. Ratan comes to the party.

The election commission officer comes there and stops the party. Ranvi asks what happened. The man says he is district election officer and shows his ID. He says we are informed that election campaign is being done even after the campaign have ended. Veera and Ranvi try to defend. They ask for Baldev. They don’t get Baldev inside and she says he was there. The guests say they did not see Baldev here.

Veera says he was here, maybe he was in work. The guest say he got message to come in party, and shows its sent by Veera. She says yes, I have sent them, as Baldev could not do by his phone. She says we both are here and no one spoke about campaign. They see the plates written with Vote for Veera. The man ask how can we be sure that you are not campaigning. Ratan says you should find Baldev and ask him, Veera did not do anything. The man says you are sarpanch and know everything, you are taking Baldev’s name as he is her rival. Gunjan says I don’t think Veera or Baldev did this.

Ranvi says Baldev did this. Veera says she will not doubt on him, she will call him and find out. Baldev sits with Kohli and avoids Veera’s call. They get wine crates and shows the bill signed by Veera. She says no, how can this be. Baldev drinks wine. Kohli says I know you are thinking you should have not done this with your wife, but she started this war, she used the fair, you are a good person and had done this, but if anyone complains that you got the crate, then…. He says don’t worry and recalls her words.

Veera says I signed as Baldev told me he has work. The man says why will any husband do this with his wife, why is she putting blame on her. They think she can blame Baldev to win. Ranvi gets angry and Ratan calms him. She asks the man to tell them that she did not sign for wine. The man says against her, and says she ordered everything. She says I did not order. Ratan defends Veera. The man asks her to give any proof to clear her name else she will be disqualified.

Baldev says no one will name him, its everything against Veera. Kohli says maybe she got disqualified so she is calling you. He says I was not like this before to plan against my wife, I loved her a lot, but she is keeping pind first. They get costly mobiles and money there and the man doubts Veera to give gifts and take votes. The man asks Ratan to stop her daughter and he did not expect this from Veera. Ratan says I know everything is against Veera, but she did not do this. He says Veera is disqualified from the elections and Veera cries.

Ranvi beats Baldev asking why did he do this. Veera calls them and is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. hate it..I mean this show….

  2. again problems………

  3. Why Baldev, why did you do this !!

  4. This show is so boring now

  5. why are you dragging it so much? disgusting to watch

  6. No wonder this show got removed from prime time… It sucks…!!!

  7. Veera deserve this

  8. If the serial is boring stop watching it do not comment so about it love the serial its going on well and this changeis 4 the aaudience we support Veera

    1. We have every right to voice our opinion… We are in a democracy … We hav absolute freedom of speech

  9. plzz director V&B need a break (i mean a time to enjoy their marriage stop the conflict btwn them )

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