Veera 1st October 2013 Written Episode Update


Veera 1st October 2013 Written Episode, Veera 1st October 2013 Written Update

Ranveera returns from school and Veera is very hungry. She asks Chaiji to serve her food quickly and also to stop behaving like kids. Chaiji is surprised and Ranvi comes there and while he starts feeding her, she’s yawning and is sleepy. Ranvi complains to Chaiji that she had been up the entire night playing on her laptop. While Veera still wants to play on her laptop, Ranvi insists she does her homework first. Veera tells them that she’s tired as all they do in school is study but Ranvi doesn’t listen to her and insists that she studies first.

In their room, Ranvi is tutoring Veera but then realizes that she’s sleeping. He reprimands her again on her staying up the whole night. Instead Veera says she’ll teach Ranvi something. Ranvi asks how can she teach him something, he’s senior

than her and his studies are difficult. But Veera says she’ll show him something on the laptop. Veera shows Ranvi a couple of things and Ranvi feels proud that Veera is quite smart and quick-learner.

At the market, Ratan takes all the Pind farmers to the trader Nihal had introduced them to last time as he had paid them well. But much to their shock, that trader has left the market and shifted base to Canada. Farmers try to find traders to sell the crops but no trader is ready to buy the crops from them even though these guys are ready to sell it in the lesser prices. Dejected, they come back and are sitting at Balwant’s house to find a way out of this situation.

Bakhtawar is blaming Nihal for the trouble that they are finding themselves in and says what will happen to the farmers now if no trader buys their crops. Ratan however defends Nihal and Balwant to concedes with her asking Bakhtawar why did he sell the crops to the trader suggested by Nihal if he had issues with him. Ratan says its time that they all have to stand by each other and fight the situation. Balwant suggests he’ll go to their adjoining district and try to sell their crops there. He says though the chances are bleak, he’ll try. Ratan prays for everything to be fine.

Veera is going to Gunjan’s house to show her the laptop when she spots two men arguing on the lane regarding some loan money. Veera tries to intervene and says her computer will solve the issue. Veera asks them how much money was borrowed and while she tries to make some calculations, she doesn’t understand what’s wrong and the two men laugh at her antics and make peace.

Baldev is standing in front of the mirror and pretending to smoke when Gunjan comes and asks him what he’s doing. He says he’s getting ready to grow up. Gunjan asks why he bunked school but as usual Baldev asks her to shut up. Gunjan laughs at his antics.

Veera is obsessed with her computer treating it like her baby. She wants to play with it again but Ranvi sternly tells her to sleep. He says he’ll ensure that she sleeps today or else she’ll again spend the night playing. Veera half-heartedly goes to sleep but as soon as she realizes that Ranvi has fallen asleep she sneaks out of the bed and goes back to the laptop. Ranvi wakes up and both see each other. While Ranvi looks angry, Veera looks a little scared.

Ratan tells Chaiji that she’s tensed as everyone in the village is worried about the crops not being sold. She says if it rains, the crops will be destroyed. Chaiji assures her that everything will fall in place but Ratan is not convinced as she says she’ve heard people talking that they would have to postpone events like marriages and all. She wonders who’ll stand by them now.

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