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The Episode starts with Teja and his friends backbiting about Baldev. Baldev gets angry and confronts them. They taunt him that Veera is roaming with new inspector, stay in limits, Ranvi rejected you, if we knew Veera changes BF so soon, we would be in line too. Baldev starts beating them hearing it about Veera. They start beating him with rod and kick him for spoiling Pind’s name and losing a girl like Veera. They leave. Ranvi and Gunjan are on the way talking. He says we will buy all items, as Ratan and Chaiji won’t know this. Ranvi says I will talk to Balbir, you buy the spices. Gunjan asks the shop vendor to give high quality products.

Her friend Rajni meets her and asks for money. Gunjan asks her to talk slowly. Rajni says give my money soon, else my husband will talk to your husband. Gunjan

asks her to go. Ranvi hears them and asks Gunjan what money. Gunjan says she was asking for loan seeing me here. He says why was she angry. Gunjan says no, she was helpless. He says it looked like you took loan and she is getting recovery. Gunjan says no, she was angry as I said no, she can’t return it. He says don’t be friend with her, such people have bad habits and take loan for cards game. She says leave it, lets go home. They take the items form shop and he pays the man.

Ratan says she will make many dishes in cooking competition. Veera says you will win. Ratan says you come along. Veera says she is busy in polyhouse work. Ratan leaves. Veera gets Billa’s call who tells her that some goons have beaten Baldev. She says what, where is he, is he fine. He says I just dropped him home, he is wounded, he fought with the goons for you, as they said wrong about you. He thinks to tell her that Jaggi and I kept wine racks in Ranvi’s godown and blame came on Baldev.

He says he has to tell something to her. She says I don’t want to hear anything and ends the call. He says I want to get rid of this burden, she should have heard me once. Veera says shall I go to see Baldev. Gunjan comes to a money lender and says she has some work. She says she has to keep some jewellery and get money. He says you are Balwant’s daughter and Ranvi’s wife, I can give you money without taking jewellery, shall I call Ranvi, I can lend money. She says no, don’t tell him, I m planning a surprise for him, I m not telling him, you also don’t tell him, see this set and tell me how much money I can get He checks it and says Rs 1.5 lakhs.

He gives her money. She says don’t tell Ranvi, else my surprise will spoil. He says fine. She leaves. He thinks feeling its fishy. Veera comes to Baldev’s house and says Bansuri Taiji….. Simran asks why did she come. Veera says she is Veera, she came to ask about Baldev, as she heard he is wounded. Simran says yes, I took care of him, he is fine. Veera asks can I meet Baldev. Bansuri comes there and says why…………Baldev is sleeping in his room. Bansuri scolds Veera as she has slapped Baldev and said she is not related to her, and even Baldev told the same.

Veera says I know we fought, it does not mean I don’t worry for him. Bansuri says you said Baldev is not suitable for you, you broke up, stop this drama. Veera says let me see him once. Baldev wakes up and says Veera………… Bansuri says we are here for him, you can’t even ask about him, I don’t want to keep any relation with you. Veera says yes, I lost right to meet Baldev now, I will leave. Baldev gets up and comes out. Veera leaves and he does not see her.

Bansuri asks why did he come in this state. Simran acts sweet. He says I felt I heard Veera. Bansuri says what, you feel she worries for you and will come to meet you, she said she does not want to keep relation with you, you also said this, why are you thinking, she does not trust you, she does not worry, and you are fighting for her. Simran hives him haldi milk. He takes the glass and she smiles as his hand touches her hand. She says she gets hurt seeing his wounds.

Baldev thinks about Veera and cries. Main tenu samjhawan ki…………….plays……………… Their romantic and happy moments are shown. He imagines her and smiles. She disappears and he gets restless. Veera too cries thinking about Baldev. Rajveer asks Gulati to send notice to Baldev. Gulati says why are you calling him again. Baldev is innocent. Rajveer asks him to do as he says, else he will lose his job. Rajveer thinks he will make Baldev make police station rounds and he will make rounds around Veera. He thinks Baldev can’t come in between him and Veera now.

Bansuri wins the cooking competition. Simran says hip hip hurray. Bansuri says Simran came in this house, and everything good is happening. Veera and Baldev broke up and today I have made Ratan lose. Amrit praises Bansuri. Simran says we spoiled Ratan’s food and I felt Chai ji saw us, but I fooled her. Amrit says Balwant went to Chandigarh, but Baldev should have come. Banssuri says no, he went to prove himself innocent, see Veera came to cheer for Ratan. Ranvi talks to Veera and says its good you went with Biji. Veera says Biji lost today being unfocussed because of me. He says don’t blame yourself, I m waiting to see my old Veera come back. She says I m trying and cries. He hugs her and says I can’t see you bearing all this again, share with me. She asks did I really love a wrong man.

Teja scolds Jaggi and Billa and he tells all the truth while arguing. Veera hears them and is shocked knowing Baldev is trapped by Teja and Ranvi was trapped by Billa and Jaggi.

Update Credit to: Amena

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