Veera 1st March 2014 Written Episode Update

Veera 1st March 2014 Written Episode, Veera 1st March 2014 Written Update

so the episode starts with everyone discovering gunjan in ranvi’s arms. Ranvi on seeing everyone…pushes gunjan away from him. baldev in anger holds ranvi’s collar. Ranvi sees gunjan crying and doesn’t reveal the truth. baldev hits ranvi but veera and Ratan come in between and insist that unless and until ranvi has had his say…no one will tell him anything. baldev asks what is left to ask after seeing them. baldev is very angry but balwant stops baldev. ranvi tells that what they are believing is false. Baldev and Balwant ask ranvi the truth. baldev asks what ranvi was doing in d make up van. ratan tells that ranvi had come for chaiji’s medicines and insists that ranvi should be given a chance to speak the truth. Baldev tells that ranvi must have forced gunjan and bansuri supports him citing ranvi’s one sided love for gunjan.

ratan intervenes and stops bansuri. she asks ranvi to speak the truth but ranvi looks at gujan who nods her head. ratan sees her and suspects something amiss. bansuri alleges ranvi but veera stops her and asks that why had gunjan come in the vanity van allotted to chaiji. balwant asks gunjan who accepts that she had come on her own free will to the vanity van. everyone is shocked and balwant slaps gunjan. he also stops baldev from fighting with ranvi…saying that after all their own daughter is at fault..

gathered people talk against gunjan…and ranvi. people blame sampooran singh for the way ranvi has turned out and ratan walks away from there. gunjan’s family get her back home and baldev and bansuri scold her while balwant sheds silent tears. in the meanwhile the phone recording the video of gunjan and the crew member is seen by the director who gets it to balwant. bansuri locks gunjan who cries in vain. ratan is very upset and when ranvi comes to her…she asks why he didnt speak the truth and save his father’s reputation. Balwant on seeing the video begs the director to not reveal the truth to anyone.

Precap: balwant gets a heart attack and tells baldev to send for ranvi. balwant begs ranvi to do him a favour…

Update Credit to: madhubansen1

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