Veera 1st July 2015 Written Episode Update

Veera 1st July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Baldev and Ranvi fighting. Veera and Balwant get shocked and ask whats the matter, that they are fighting in few days of Ratan’s death. Baldev shows her the pics and she says she does not believe this. Baldev asks her to see what her brother is doing, he is getting after someone else. Veera calls Deepu and asks her about the pic. Deepu says she took pic with Ranvi and insisted Geet to come, when Geet refused, she cried and convinced her. Balwant says I can’t believe Gunjan, a pic has done all this, I m ashamed of all of you.

Veera asks is there any proof to show Ranvi has cheated Gunjan. Balwant says did anyone think how will this blame affect Geet and Deepu. Manjeet thinks Veera and Balwant have cooled this matter. Veera says how did you do think this, everyone knows Ranvi

loves kids a lot, he gets happiness by Deepu, he did not live his childhood as he had many responsibilities, he sees me in Deepu, Geet is not the reason.

Veera asks Gunjan to believe her, that Ranvi loves just her. She says its just a pic, Ranvi never thought about anyone else than Gunjan, he loves just Gunjan. Ranvi looks at Gunjan. Its night, Baldev comes to the room. Veera sees him hurt. He says he was fighting for Gunjan. She says he was just doubting Ranvi. He explains how Gunjan has bear all this by the doubt, how can we think she can keep quiet. He says Gunjan feels bad. She says problems will increase between them after all this.

Gunjan apologizes to Ranvi. She says she is hurt that she can’t give him a child. Veera asks Baldev to rectify his mistake by talking to Ranvi.She asks will he apologize to Ranvi. He says yes. She takes care of his wounds and does first aid. She says he fights so much that her first aid box ends in one week. He smiles. He flirts with her and asks what will she do if he has any affair. She smiles and says she knows he will never cheat her. He says I love your trust, I was thinking if this happens then… She says she will not beat him, if he cheats her, she will also find someone. He says it means I have to beat all pind guys. She jokes and laughs. He says he will not see anyone. She says she will get haldi milk for him.

Ranvi says Gunjan should have said she trusted me. She apologizes to him. He says if pind people know about this doubt, Geet and Deepu can’t stay in pind, and can you see people pointing on me, I was proud of our relation, you should have asked me. She says the pic came suddenly infront of us. She says forgive me. He says he will forgive her if she gets happiness, he will go away and see will he get breath or not. She cries.

Geet cries thinking people doubt on Ranvi, who is like a saint, why does this happen. Its stormy night. She recalls Gunjan’s words. She thinks she used to believe her husband, why does Gunjan not trust Ranvi, does anyone fill her ears. Manjeet comes and asks her to sleep. She thinks she will try to break Ranvi and Gunjan’s relation.

Baldev apologizes to Ranvi. Ranvi forgives him. Baldev and Ranvi eat pakodas. Ranvi drinks wine thinking its water and Baldev gets worried.

Update Credit to: Amena


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