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The Episode starts with Baldev acting rude to Veera and refusing for parathas. Manjeet and Bansuri try to fill his ears in Veera and Balwant’s presence by showing him more concern. Balwant asks does she want to take part in Ram Leela, leave him if he does not want to have food. Baldev says he wants to go for work and leaves. Veera stops him and asks him to have food. He asks can’t I do this by my wish, would I need to take your advice in this. He leaves. Balwant looks on and asks Veera not to worry, as she is doing this for pind betterment. Bansuri thinks its good this will create rift between Veera and Baldev.

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sees Gunjan lost in thoughts and putting peels in the oil instead of potatoes. She asks did Ranvi say anything. Gunjan says no, I did a wrong work which Ranvi did not like. The producer calls Ranvi unprofessional and he did not expect from him, he is very lazy, or he got succeeded by fate, he has invested money in him, he said he wrote the song and he will be singing. He says I will take you to court and get my money back. Ratan likes the poetry and says what happened to Ranvi, he did not get annoyed like this before. Gunjan says I cheated him this time. Ratan says you don’t blame yourself.

Veera meets Ratan on the way and is worried. She says no use to talk to Balwant, Baldev is still adamant. Ratan pacifies her and asks her not to let this matter ruin their relation. Veera says school is needed by the kids, Baldev is deciding wrong. Ratan asks her to make her relation strong that their mentality and thinking should make any difference, this is called true love. Ranvi tries writing the song and throws many papers. Dhingra sits with him and worries. The producer comes and Ranvi apologizes to him, he is unable to write, he does not wish to waste his money. Gunjan calls Dhingra and he ends the call. Gunjan calls him again. The producer scolds Ranvi. Dhingra goes out to take the call. He tells her that Arora asked Ranvi to write song and he is not able to work. She asks him to see his diary and it has a song, its by some poet she got in magazine, Ranvi can make song by it. Dhingra says why is he not giving it to Arora.

Gunjan says its someone else’s, he will not use it. She asks him to convince Ranvi to use the song. He says I will try. Dhingra tells Ranvi that there is song in his diary. Ranvi says no and tells Arora to fine the penalty and he will pay. Arora says he is mad, he invested money. Dhingra says no, he wrote a song but is not sure of it. The paper falls there. Baldev decides the mall making with the manager and tells Veera. He says Veera is responsible that he took this decision and gives her all the credit in taunting way.

Veera asks Baldev did he get happy by taunting her, why does he want to spoil the relation. She asks why did he not wait for panchayat decision. She hugs him and tries to explain, while Baldev gets angry. Ranvi comes home and asks Gunjan did she keep paper in his diary. She says yes, I thought this is the way to help him. He says no need to help, I will solve the matter. Arora comes there and says now he knows what he wanted to do, there was no need. Ranvi asks what. Arora says that you did not write any song. Ranvi thinks something else.

Veera tells Baldev that she does not want to fight with her, she loves him a lot.

Update Credit to: Amena

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